imm cologne postponed to 2023

imm cologne 2022 has been postponed to 2023


Although preparations for the fair were well underway and over 600 exhibitors had already confirmed their presence, a reflection on the current situation with VDM, the Association of German Furniture Industries, persuaded the organizers to cancel the 2022 edition as well. So, the 10th anniversary of Das HAUS, which was to be celebrated in 2021, has been postponed to 2023. What should have been “Das Haus” of the 10th anniversary was supposed to be “Visions of “Das Apartment HAUS” at imm cologne 2022, an interpretation of new ways of living by Luca Nichetto, Truly Truly and Sebastian Herkner. However, at this point, it is hard to imagine what the 2023 edition will look like so far in advance.

Das Apartment HAUS, Luca Nichetto, 2021

The editions of Das Haus from 2012 to 2019 reflected the various facets of social and cultural changes, with designers addressing issues such as climate change and resource scarcity with their different projects. The question for 2022 is: what does the home of the future hold for us? So, imm cologne is back after two years with a new, more compact form, and Das Haus is also transformed and updated.

Truly Truly, Das Apartment HAUS, 2021


Das Apartment HAUS, Sebastian Herkner, 2021

Das Haus, at imm cologne, has always been a place for design and innovation. The way we perceive living space is deeply changing – and not just since corona struck; mobility, urban consolidation and the search for new forms of housing that allow for permeability and seclusion in equal measure are presenting architecture and interior design with new challenges.

Discover all the past editions of Das HAUS

Das Haus 2013, Luca Nichetto

Visions of Das Apartment HAUS: the house of the future

As imm cologne does not stop, it has already started research on long and short stay apartments, a new hybrid housing form that will model urban development over the next years. This is a particularly interesting challenge as the people who choose this housing form have very different requirements. Long and short stay apartments are usually rented fully furnished, but the new apartment houses also offer co-living options combining private quarters with jointly used spaces for hospitality, sport and work.

Das Haus by Truly Truly, Imm Cologne 2019

Among the activities emerged with pandemic, working from home occupies an important place and will affect the evolution of living spaces. However, integrating the home office into the traditional living environment isn’t the only challenge that the interiors industry will face in future; the sector will also have to develop models for “a new way of living” that seek to provide solutions for urban consolidation.

Das Haus 2016, Sebastian Herkner

The next edition of imm cologne has been scheduled for January 16-21, 2023

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