Nest Italy launches NestArt, dedicated to Italian art

Nest Italy, the platform dedicated to Italian-made luxury experiences adds art to its experiences


Nest Italy is the new reference point for Italian-made luxury, ranging from hospitality to food, up to art. On Nest Italy you can buy tableware, clothing, household linen, food and drinks that represent Italian excellence. It is also possible to book culinary experiences and overnight stays in charming private residences.


Today, Nest Italy has added art to the its all-Italian experiences, with the new NestArt platform. Under the artistic direction of Maria Elena Fabbrini, and the curatorship of Stefano Volpato, NestArt presents several Viewing Rooms with a selection of contemporary Italian artists.

NestArt works in two main ways:

1) Artworks can be purchased by accessing the Viewing Rooms on the website. The Viewing Rooms are virtual spaces featuring a selection of works, in the case of NestArt by contemporary Italian artists. The artists’ works are presented on a rotating basis as it happens for temporary exhibitions.

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2) It is also possible to arrange visits to the artworks during a private event. For example, you can rent a villa for a special occasion and add the works of an artist as an ‘experiential package’. This is also the perfect opportunity to experience art connected to hospitality, which is one of Nest’s souls.

For the launch, NestArt has signed agreements with leading galleries such as Apalazzo Gallery, A + B Gallery, Michela Rizzo Gallery, their artists and Duccio Maria Gambi.


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