Niva Mixed, the new decorative radiator by Vasco

Niva Mixed is the new decorative radiator by Vasco with high thermal efficiency

Vasco presents Niva Mixed, a new decorative radiator suitable for hydronic heating, which also runs on electricity. That’s why Vasco’s Niva Mixed hybrid radiator is particularly suitable for rooms like bathrooms, which need to warm up quickly when the central heating is off. In the electrically operated version, the Niva Mixed radiator relies on a special dry technology that allows it to reach full temperature in just 4 minutes.

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The Niva collection of radiators by Vasco stands out for its elegant and timeless appearance and especially for its thermal efficiency: in fact, it emits a high degree of heat compared to its size. The convection capacity has been improved compared to previous collections, thus improving the overall heat output by up to 20%. A Niva radiator of small dimensions, therefore, creates high home comfort; using water at low temperature, it warms the environment like a traditional radiator of larger dimensions and makes it possible to save money and space. This also reduces its environmental impact.

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Niva Mixed is a steel radiator, measuring 182 cm (H) x 42/62 cm (L), with a heat output reaching up to 1,124 watts. The connections to the wall are concealed, a detail that creates a visual effect whereby the radiator seems to be suspended in the room. The accessories – rectangular or square brackets – allow you to heat towels or simply decorate the environment.

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