Marble bathroom furniture by Kreoo

Kreoo: a new concept for completely customizable marble bathroom furniture

Hug bathtub by Kreoo

The new marble bathroom furniture collections by Kreoo combine craftsmanship and state-of-the-art techniques for valuable bathroom compositions. Kreoo bathroom furniture includes two bathtub models, 20 different types of washbasins, either free-standing or countertop, easels and trays; all customizable in over 30 different types of marble.

Free-standing marble collections by Kreoo

Kreoo free-standing marble collections, Hug, Tao and Kora, express the maximum potential of the stone product. The soft profiles are often obtained from a single block of material, harmoniously mixed with other materials such as brass, bronze, or warm walnut and eucalyptus wood inserts.

Hug washbasins by Kreoo

The Hug collection, designed by Matteo Nunziati, consists of a bathtub and washbasin in marble and wood. Two materials that, despite being completely different, are perfectly matched and exalt each other.

In the washbasin, the marble wraps the back of the block in a semicircle up to its crowning. The front of the washbasin is made of wood and has a storage shelf. Like the washbasin, the front of the bathtub has a practical shelf for personal hygiene items and towels.

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Tao washbasin by Kreoo

Tao has the same form as Hug, but the final result is very different. Designed by Marco Piva, it is a cylindrical block of marble with a thin gold strip running down the centerline. An identical strip, perpendicular to the first, surrounds the basin at the top and delimits the depth of the basin.

This ‘mesh’ offers the possibility of working with smaller blocks, even different ones, greatly reducing production waste. Tao is available in ten marble finishes for maximum customization, meeting different tastes and needs.

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Kora bathtub by Kreoo

Lastly, Kora marks the harmonious encounter between marble and metal. This bathtub, designed by Enzo Berti, is a basin carved out of a single block, with the rim at variable heights to facilitate entry. The basin rests on a metal rod trestle, with a gold or dark bronze finish, which supports the monolith, giving it stability and elegance. In this way Kora becomes a marble sculpture that floats in the air. It is proposed in seven off-the-shelf types of marble, including Bianco Carrara, Bianco del Re, Calacatta Carrara, Calacatta Classico, Grigio St. Marie and Persian Grey, but it can also be customized to meet the needs of the customer.

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