The new Braccialini store in Florence

In Florence, on Via dei Calzaiuoli, Emanuele Svetti’s firm has designed a new Braccialini store

Architect Emanuele Svetti’s firm has designed the new Braccialini store, in the historical center of Florence. Located at Via dei Calzaiuoli 81, the space occupies 200 square meters on two floors, with a window facing onto the street. The environments revolve around focal points that create fluid paths and define ‘magical’ spaces. A spinning top, a merry-go-round, a totem built with gaming dice: this is the world of a woman who wants to immerse herself in a fairy tale and surround herself with her favorite accessories.


The large merry-go-round stands at the center of the room dedicated to Temi di Braccialini, the iconic collection that includes the maison’s historical pieces. Within this ‘magic box’ the space appears multidimensional thanks to the mirrors on the floor and ceiling; people thus have the sensation of levitating in a fantasy world.

Black and white for multidimensional space

To achieve that pristine, perfect white, the walls are shaved and painted with a water-based satin glaze; strips of special matte black tape lend the space a 3D effect. The pure white of the box is interrupted with lines delineating nooks, shelves and portholes, which create shadows and lights that draw and guide customers in the store. Additional points of attraction of the new Braccialini store are the furnishings custom-designed by Studio Svetti.

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Light is also an attractive element of the space. The environment is very bright, with an ethereal ‘light gallery’ leading towards the interior; the path continues towards the staircase, which does not dominate the environment but still plays a leading role, becoming the ‘stairway to heaven’, the first floor of the store, which reveals further wonders.

Discover also villa TR-102 in Los Angeles, also known as Calvin Klein Mansion, with interiors by Studio Svetti


The Braccialini store on Via dei Calzaiuoli in Florence represents the company’s desire to focus on multichannel shopping. The stores are meeting points for customers and spaces for sharing that support the development of online activities. In this way, the brand reinforces its position off and on line, thanks to the digital channel and the value of architecture. [Ph: Varvara Verbitskaya]

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