Vasca intelligente-Forma aquea

Vasca U, the smart bathtub by Forma Aquae

Vasca U, the sustainable and technological washbasin-bathtub, is the result of the collaboration between Accademia Italiana and Forma Aquae

Vasca U-vasca-intelligente-Forma-Aquea

Accademia Italiana and Forma Aquae present Vasca U, the smart bathtub that also acts as a washbasin. Designed by student Ulrika Conca, Vasca U is a highly innovative bathroom furnishing that respects the environment and promotes conscious consumption. It is particularly suitable for small bathrooms.

The Vasca U revolution in contemporary bathroom furniture

Thanks to its original egg shape, Vasca U can be used both as a comfortable small bathtub and as a large washbasin within everyone’s reach.

Available in wall-mounted, corner or freestanding versions, Vasca U can be placed both in domestic environments and in hotel rooms looking for smart and innovative wellness solutions. Thanks to the external LED positioned under the tub, the internal spotlights, the air pool jets positioned both on the bottom and on the sides, the essential oil dispenser and the ultrasonic vaporizer, this bathtub offers its users moments of real relaxation, with hydromassage, chromotherapy and aromatherapy sessions.

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Vasca intelligente-Forma aquea

Vasca U, the smart bathtub

Vasca U is a smart bathtub/washbasin, equipped with a disinfectant tank for self-cleaning and an app that allows you to calculate the amount of water to reduce consumption and avoid waste. The same app can also remotely manage functions such as filling, water temperature control, aromatherapy and chromotherapy; light combinations, essential oil vaporization and sounds.

Smart furniture by Ulrika Conca for Forma Aquae

Vasca U is part of the line of smart furniture designed by Ulrika Conca for Forma Aquae. Among the novelties proposed by the Accademia Italiana student there are also a container stool with scales incorporated in the lid, which measures lean mass and fat mass and communicates with the smartphone to acquire information on the user’s age, metabolism and motor activity. And a mirror equipped with a touch screen to access multimedia content.

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