The Archispritz 2022: the architecture webinars are back

The Archispritz, a series of webinars about architecture, cities, environment, with architects, is back in 2022. Every Wednesday from February 9, at 6:30 pm


The Archispritz, the new format curated by Silvano Arcamone and Grazia Torre, consisting in a series of weekly webinars, is back in 2022. From February 9 to March 30, 2022, these meetings will host prestigious Italian and international contemporary architects. The interviewees will address major issues such as urban regeneration, the quality of architecture and the environment, the life cycle of buildings, the role of artificial intelligence.

Participants will exchange views and share ideas on possible new ways of living and experiencing day-to-day life. These meetings will provide the opportunity to reflect on the dramatic period we are going through and discover new ways of using public and private spaces, with greater quality and awareness. Now, more than ever, the world of architecture and design is called to collaborate and create a better future.

The Archispritz: a new interaction mode between architecture giants

The format includes the presence of two architects, a man and a woman, leading the interview and a guest. This conversation, about 60 minutes, is enriched with images, videos and links to be shared also on the social pages of the participants.

The format invites guests to talk over a drink, an Archispritz (spritz is a popular Italian cocktail), setting an informal atmosphere that fosters participants’ empathy and creativity and encourages guests to interact in a more pleasant and direct group conversation. At the end of every meeting, a moment dedicated to “food for thought” will allow participants to show and analyze a cultural product of their choice (book, record, photograph, painting, print) to favor the cultural promotion that has always nurtured architectural planning.

The Archispritz webinars are addressed to a heterogenous audience including architects, designers, public administrators, journalists, professors, students, scholars.

See you for an Archispritz all Wednesdays at 6:30 pm, from February 9

Webinars are hosted on Zoom; link to register here, passcode AWeKQ8

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