Cassina enters the National Register of Historical Trademarks

Cassina included in the Register of Historical Trademarks of National Interest

Cassina has started 2022 with an important recognition: in fact, the company has become part of the Special Register of Historical Trademarks of National Interest.

What is the Register of Historical Trademarks of National Interest?

Established by the Ministry of Economic Development in 2019, the Register of Historical Trademarks allows companies that meet the requirements to register their trademark, for further protection of Made in Italy products. In order to be included in the Register, a trademark must have been used continuously for at least 50 years. Moreover, it must be connected to a manufacturing company of excellence historically rooted in Italy.

In 2020, the Ministry of Economic Development created the Historical Trademarks of National Interest logo at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office; companies included in the register can use it for commercial and promotional purposes. A Decree of the Director General for the Protection of Industrial Property has defined the procedures for the inclusion of historical trademarks in the register.

Information about the Register and the list of companies that have already joined it are on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development.

Adele Cassina with Umberto Cassina sitting on her right, Cesare Cassina on her left, Franco Cassina in front of her. Photo: Archivio Storico Cassina

Cassina: an excellence of Made in Italy design

Among the companies in the design industry, Cassina is doubtlessly an Italian excellence. Established in Meda in 1927 by Cesare and Umberto Cassina, the company took an active part in post-war reconstruction in the 1950s. As a pioneer in the sector, the Brianza-based company was among the most active ones in design in Italy in the 1950s.

Thanks to research and experimentation, Cassina developed industrial design with an unprecedented and innovative approach that marked the transition from artisan to industrial production. Moreover, thanks to its inclination for research, the company could combine technology with traditional craftsmanship.

Over the years, Cassina’s collections have combined furniture designed by internationally renowned architects and designers with the most iconic works created by the great masters of the 20th century.

Discover the iconic chairs that have won the Compasso d’Oro Award since its inception

Stacked Superleggera chairs. The Superleggera chair is an Italian design icon developed by Gio Ponti between 1950 and 1959.

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