Casa Italia Beijing 2022

At Beijing 2022, Casa Italia presents again Italian design and contemporary art

Also at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Casa Italia represents Italian design and art in the world. Since 2016 Casa Italia has represented Italian excellence on the extraordinary stage of the Olympic Games. In 2016, in Rio de Janeiro, the theme of the house, Horizontal, was the contamination between cultures. In PyeongChang, in 2018, it was the turn of Prospectum, an Italian point of view on the encounter with different civilizations. At Tokyo 2020 (in 2021), Mirabilia was a journey through Italian wonders.

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Casa Italia at Beijing 2022, located at the St. Regis Hotel in Beijing, hosts the exhibition Millium, a project dedicated to travel as discovery both inside and outside of oneself. The boundless territories that the project investigates are the real countries that today, because of the pandemic, have become distant again; but also the planets of science and science fiction and the virtual territories of the World Wide Web.


The real countries are those crossed by Marco Polo, along the 8,000 km that connected the Chinese empire to the Roman one. An itinerary that included at least 5 sea, river and land routes. The Silk Road, which brought together people from different cultures, has influenced the course of history from a cultural, religious and even technological point of view. Along with silk, spices, fruits, and exotic plants, Western merchants imported ideas and technologies, and in turn brought Western scientific concepts and religions to China.


Millium, the exhibition at Casa Italia Beijing 2022

Casa Italia Beijing 2022 is a journey through Italian and international art and design. The large entrance lounge features contemporary and historic Italian design furnishings. The mirror and bench from the Broken Series collection, by Snarkitecture for Gufram, from 2020, are placed alongside the Capitello armchair and Attica stools, also produced by Gufram, but designed by Studio 65 in 1971 and 1972. Stellar Works, a very international Chinese company, has furnished another area of the lounge with sofa and armchairs from the Crawford collection, by Tom Fereday, as well as the restaurant area, with Ming chairs and tables by Neri & Hu.

The exhibition includes several contemporary artworks selected by Rome-based Galleria Ex Elettrofonica, including two pictures taken by Paolo Nespoli and Roland Miller from the ISS. [Official CONI photographs]

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