Frascio: high-quality handles

Frascio handles represent the excellence of made in Italy production, thanks to the research in materials and finishes

A manufacturer of handles, Frascio was born as a workshop immediately after the Second World War and has grown into an Italian excellence. Its winning formula consists in the continuous search for innovation in materials, shapes and finishes. Frascio was one of the first companies to use the PVD finish for its handles, a technology that makes it possible to obtain hard and scratch-resistant surfaces without protective coatings.

Boomerang handle by Maurizio Duranti for Frascio

The Inoxbrass, Inoxchrome, Inoxbronze and Antracite finishes represent a reference point for handles and pawls, available in exclusive nuances obtained with non-toxic materials. Frascio is also the ideal partner for contract and hospitality projects, thanks to customized finishes for the most exclusive interior design styles.

The Boomerang handle, designed by Maurizio Duranti, has been selected for the ADI Index. Boomerang revolutionizes the concept and the image of the handle that by rotating can be fixed to the door as you prefer. The original shape does not have the usual “L” shape to fix it to the door and the whole body adheres and incorporates the rose. Moreover, it is particularly convenient as it is not necessary to hold it; in fact, the door opens even just by pulling or pushing it with the palm of the hand or with the elbow (particularly useful when your hands are full).

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Boomerang handle by Maurizio Duranti

Solaris, by Cantarutti & Martinig, is a handle with an essential line, in which the cylinder of the body also includes the rose. It is available in a wide range of finishes and in PVD.

Solaris, by Cantarutti & Martinig

Lastly, Eder, the handle designed by Simone Micheli, is characterized by a compact shape and by the absence of complex elements. The designer’s philosophy consists in simplifying objects as much as possible to transform complexity into simplicity. Eder is also available in a wide range of finishes and in PVD.

Eder handle, by Simone Micheli

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