Circular design: recycled plastic by ecoBirdy

ecoBirdy is a Belgian company that makes objects and furnishing systems in recycled plastic for adults and children


ecoBirdy is a Belgian company that transforms plastic waste into original household objects and fun furnishing systems, suitable for both public and private spaces. All of ecoBirdy’s circular design products are made of Ecothylene, a material that makes surfaces smooth and multicolored, without the use of additional pigments. They have a characteristic speckled look that is the result of the combination of plastic particles always combined in a different way, making each product in the series unique.

All ecoBirdy tables and chairs have rounded edges and smooth, silky surfaces, which is why they are pleasant to touch and easy to clean.

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ecoBirdy, a company with a green heart

All ecoBirdy products are made from recycled plastic from all over Europe. The sorting, cleaning and grinding phases of the recycling process employed by the company make the plastic free of harmful substances and chemicals, 100% safe.

Indoor and outdoor furnishing sets

The Richard armchair by ecoBirdy, available in two colors, is perfect for any type of public or private indoor or outdoor space. Its ergonomic seat is specially designed to maximize postural support, making it comfortable even after prolonged use.

The Judy Side Table, on the other hand, is an extremely versatile small table that can be used as a coffee table, night table, or stool.


ecoBirdy also thinks of kids

In 2018 ecoBirdy launched its first children’s collection. Charlie Chair, Luisa Table, Rhino Lamp and Kiwi Container are available with Journey to a New Life, an educational book for children that explains the concept of circular design, inviting them to be more responsible and respectful of the environment.

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The Rhino lamp and Kiwi container are shaped like two endangered animal species. The recycled Coral Blanket cotton they are made of refers to the coral bleaching in the ocean, a phenomenon caused by climate change. Therefore, not only are ecoBirdy kids’ collections created to decorate imaginative play spaces for children, but also to denounce emerging issues of our century, inviting kids and adults to a more conscientious use of plastic and a healthier lifestyle that respects the planet.


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