Tenuta di Lipica-Scuderia. di Lipica-Slovenia-Hotel

New hotel on the centuries-old Lipica estate

Architectural firm ENOTA has renovated and expanded a hotel on the Lipica estate, a cultural and natural heritage site in Slovenia

Tenuta di Lipica-Scuderia. di Lipica-Slovenia-Hotel

Architectural firm ENOTA has redesigned the façade and interiors of the hotel located in the heart of the Lipica estate, one of Slovenia’s most important cultural and natural areas. The estate hosts Europe’s oldest stud farm, which has been breeding Lipizzaner horses for over 400 years.

Activities on the Lipica estate in Slovenia

The Lipica estate is the most valuable cultural and historical heritage site in Slovenia; a place that, with its history, nature and animals, fascinates visitors from all over the world. What can you do there? First, you can visit the old stables housing precious specimens of all classical lines of Lipizzaner horses. Second, you can see the historical museums, take horseback riding lessons and enjoy nature by walking through tree-lined avenues and parks. But you can also go horseback riding or carriage riding, discovering the surprising peculiarities of Lipica and Karst. The estate also features playgrounds for children, a golf course and a hotel recently renovated by the ENOTA architectural firm.

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Hotel Maestoso in Lipica, a project by ENOTA

If you want to spend a few relaxing days on the Lipica estate, Hotel Maestoso, the largest tourist facility, is ideal.

Tenuta di Lipica-Scuderia. di Lipica-Slovenia-Hotel

Surrounded by nature and grazing cattle, the hotel is in harmony with its surroundings. The idea of ENOTA was precisely to camouflage the building with the colors of the surrounding nature.

Tenuta di Lipica-Scuderia. di Lipica-Slovenia-Hotel

Its façade is wrapped in a structure of white beams connected linearly to each other. The colors and materials of the interior spaces are reminiscent of those of the stables. Some areas are furnished with folding partitions, which make it possible to adjust the spaces as needed. The environment of the stables is also reproduced through wooden doors and raw concrete, present both in the rooms and in the common areas. The lighting systems and custom-made furniture, with a rustic grain, create comfortable and sophisticated spaces, representative of the identity of the place.

Ph: Miran Kambic

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