Diametro35, the iconic Ritmonio mixer tap, has been reinvented

Diametro 35, the Ritmonio icon, has been reinvented and returns in four new versions

Ritmonio designs the evolution of living styles. The Diametro35 series, a line of mixer taps that has earned the company international success, is the focus of a product line extension. The aim is to launch new collections able to reach unexplored market segments. Diametro35 by Ritmonio is an icon of style. While remaining true to itself, it has been reinvented and enriched several times with ideas and inspirations, thus becoming an archetypal tap series. Today, Diametro35 comes in four new variants, characterized by timeless style and elegance.

Diametro35 S – smart, simple and surprising

Designed for a very wide audience, the new Diametro35 S series is versatile and young; thanks to the wide range of finishes, it satisfies the needs of creative clients with different design moods. The long lever control makes it even more functional, besides emphasizing its minimalist aesthetic.

Diametro 35 S, in the Brushed Gold and Brushed Champagne versions

Diametro35 Impronte

The distinctive design of Diametro35 Impronte gives a strong identity to the bathroom. The new mixer taps have three-dimensional textures that shape a collection composed of four exclusive “prints”. Prisma, Tratto, Rigo, Punto are the new material and tactile dimensions for the control of the mixer tap, available with or without lever. Not only taps and fittings: from the successful ELEMENTA concept comes ELEMENTA for Diametro35 Impronte, which allows you to enrich the supports of the new series with accessories with the same textures and finishes as the mixer taps, creating a fascinating total look effect. The same finishes can also be applied to the bathrobe or towel holder modules.

Diametro35 Impronte, Tratto, Frosted Black and Brushed versions

Diametro35 Cross

Diametro35 Cross mixer taps combine the timeless lines of Diametro35 with the cross shapes of the new controls. Diametro35 Cross stands out for a new design that, on the one hand, proposes a return to the rich stylistic elements of the past and, on the other, favors rigorous geometries. The controls are reminiscent of traditional faucets, while the proportions of Diametro35 ensure fluidity and ergonomics.

Diametro35 Cross in the Black version

Diametro35 Elegance

The lines of Diametro35 Elegance represent a further evolution. Here, the lever control, an element of classic inspiration, takes on a modern and harmonious look. The result is a mixer tap that goes beyond the fashions and trends of the moment and fits in with ease in prestigious architectural settings. Moreover, its original shapes are ergonomic and its proportions are well-thought, for great comfort of use.

Diametro35 Elegance in the Brushed version

All the new collections come in the 16 special finishes of the Ritmonio Finishes Selection, which can be mixed and matched to create different combinations. The result is a total look bathroom, based on creativity.

Diametro35 Impronte, the 4 versions

Only timeless creations become true classics, milestones on which to build the future. For Ritmonio Diametro35 represents this: the fundamental point of an evolution, to respond increasingly better to the needs of contemporary design. The ability to extend its offer and its creative approach have led the company to identify a distinctive stylistic trait, which makes every project a success.

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