Gunnebo Entrance Control, access control and design in the IoT era

Access control and flow analysis in the era of Internet of Things

Today, active security is becoming increasingly important. Systems to regulate access in buildings are becoming increasingly sophisticated and intelligent as well as integrated to interconnected buildings. Gunnebo Entrance Control, which belongs to the Swedish multinational Gunnebo Group, offers various entrance control systems. As a result, architects can choose from a multitude of proposals for their projects.

SpeedStile motorized gates by Gunnebo Entrance Control

SpeedStile motorized gates, for example, in addition to regulating access, are decorative elements that define entrances. Their motorized glass doors, available in different shapes and heights, combined with innovative sensors, guarantee a high level of security. The various models can be adapted to different spaces; hinged doors and slim cabinets are combined for space-saving solutions, while larger environments can be fitted with sliding doors and the iconic cabinets with their award-winning design.

gunnebo entrance control accessi
SpeedStile motorized gates by Gunnebo Entrance Control

But the most interesting aspect for designers is the virtually unlimited customization possibility. Innovative materials, new and original finishes, various lighting effects and a wide range of colors make it possible to perfectly integrate them into any project.

The GlasStile range of motorized entrance gates is also very popular with architects. Quiet and discreet, they are equipped with glass panels that do not reduce the brightness of the environment. Ideal for combining aesthetics with the intensity of the flow of visitors, they are very elegant in the basic version in glass and steel, and are available in a wide range of customizable finishes for the column lids and handrails.

gunnebo entrance control accessi
GlasStile motorized entrance gates by Gunnebo Entrance Control

Gunnebo Entrance Control: versatile systems for access control

The extensive Gunnebo Entrance Control range also includes simple solutions such as the practical and timeless tripod turnstiles, SlimStile and TriStile. These are space-saving, reliable barriers that require very little maintenance and allow for the passage of a large number of people. Their essential lines allow these turnstiles to fit into any environment, while stainless steel, in addition to its proverbial strength, has an elegance that makes it suitable to any environment. Available in numerous versions, for indoor or outdoor use, they can be customized upon request with finishes in various colors.

gunnebo entrance control accessi
Tripod turnstiles by Gunnebo Entrance Control

The full-height RotaSec, ClearSec and RevoLite turnstiles are ideal for unmanned entrances, even outside buildings. They are completely impenetrable and can withstand the impact of numerous passages as well as aggressive weather conditions. For this reason, they are particularly suitable for stadiums and sports facilities. Even in the case of full-height turnstiles, the basic finishes are accurate and suitable for most installations, but custom finishes are also available.

Full-height turnstiles by Gunnebo Entrance Control

GyroSec easy-to-use revolving doors combine transparency and sleek lines for efficient yet unobtrusive control for elegant and rigorous architectures. An evolution of these barriers, offering even higher security levels, are the HiSec security booths – impregnable yet compact and attractive. They are particularly suitable for banks and government offices, where access by authorized persons only is vital.

Barriers for every sector

In addition to the barriers already mentioned, Gunnebo Entrance Control offers specific solutions for airports. Barriers such as PreSec, BoardSec, PassSec and ImmSec make it possible to speed up and automate controls at every stage of travel, from boarding procedures to document verification at the exit, while always maintaining an attractive appearance.

Airport security gates

For the public transport sector, Metro solutions offer various models ranging from the very compact tripod turnstile to gates that are small in size thanks to slim cabinets, up to gates for passengers with special needs. In all cases, flow capacity and security meet an elegant and unobtrusive look.

Gunnebo Entrance Control turnstiles in Naples metro

In sports facilities, the perfect compatibility of Gunnebo Entrance Control gates with computerized presence detection systems, even pre-existing ones, becomes particularly important. These systems make it possible to collect many useful data for efficient management of the facility: peak hours, stay times, preferential routes can be analyzed to provide users with an increasingly personalized service. From turnstiles to motorized gates, the Gunnebo Entrance Control range allows you to choose the most suitable system for your security needs, compatible with the architectural context.

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