Cinzia says… an exhibition dedicated to Cinzia Ruggeri

MACRO in Rome dedicates an anthological exhibition to Cinzia Ruggeri, an artist, product and fashion designer who left her mark on the 1980s

Cinzia says… is the first anthological exhibition dedicated to artist, product and fashion designer Cinzia Ruggeri (1942-2019). Cinzia Ruggeri was an independent figure who always moved across different disciplines with absolute freedom; her life and work were animated by the desire to redefine forms and functions of every element of everyday life: clothing, accessories, furniture and lights. Cinzia Ruggeri represented a world based on an ironic, provocative, elegant and never predictable imagery; her research investigated the expressive and behavioral potential of objects as well as the architectural and social dimensions of the human body.

Cinzia Ruggeri, ph: Occhiomagico

The exhibition offers the broadest and most complete overview of her career, thanks to in-depth research carried out in collaboration with Archivio Cinzia Ruggeri in Milan. True to Cinzia Ruggeri’s work, the space of the museum’s SOLO/MULTI section is transformed to defy classification.

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cinzia ruggeri mostra macro

Cinzia Ruggeri: fashion and design

In the immersive atmosphere of the room, where pink dominates, the exhibition incorporates some recurring motifs in the artist’s research, such as the ziggurat, and mixes them with supports that recall the forms of postmodernist design. An unprecedented aspect of this exhibition is the selection of over 150 accessories and garments belonging to the Bloom, Cinzia Ruggeri and Cinzio Ruggeri collections, restored and exhibited for the first time since their runway debut in the 1970s and 1980s. Some of these garments are grouped to highlight specific projects or collaborations, such as those with Studio Alchimia, Occhiomagico and choreographer Valeria Magli.

cinzia ruggeri mostra macro

Scattered across the space, the installations, works and objects form a setting full of contrasts. In addition to the works made in more recent years, two environmental projects have been reconstructed. La règle du jeu? is the artist’s last show, made a few months before her death in 2019, while La leggerezza del peso was presented in 1989 at Abitare il Tempo, the design show held in Verona and curatred by Ugo La Pietra.

cinzia ruggeri mostra macro

The playful title Cinzia says… is based on the opening lyrics of the song Elettrochoc by Matia Bazar, the band for which Cinzia Ruggeri designed costumes for several events and concerts. A series of meetings and a catalogue published by Mousse Publishing complete the exhibition running at Macro in Rome until 28 August 2022. Photo courtesy MACRO

Cinzia Ruggeri
Cinzia says…
14 April – 28 August 2022
MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma

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