Intertwingled, an exhibition at the Galleria Nazionale in Rome

Woven fabrics as a metaphor of contemporary society in the Intertwingled exhibition at the Galleria Nazionale in Rome

“Everything is deeply intertwingled” is the sentence that inspired the exhibition running until 4 September 2022 at the Galleria Nazionale in Rome. The word ‘intertwingled’ was coined in 1960 by the American sociologist and philosopher Ted Nelson to define the complexity of the interconnections in the field of knowledge. Starting from this definition, Martí Guixé and Inga Knölke have conceived and curated the exhibition Intertwingled, The Role of the Rug in Arts, Crafts and Design, which narrates the interconnected world in which we live.

interwingled Martí Guixé

Knots and weaves for contemporary carpets and tapestries

From the Salone Centrale to the Sala delle Colonne, and through references to the artworks in Time is Out of Joint, the exhibition explores rugs and tapestries in different fields. From art to craft and design, the carpet projects itself into more conceptual realms and interprets contemporary ideas such as nomadism, visible and invisible networks.

interwingled Martí Guixé

Carpets and tapestries are composed of a multitude of threads and knots that intertwine to create patterns and surfaces. Therefore, they can be interpreted as ways of occupying space in a material and metaphorical sense, and can be considered as a translation of political, economic, and social relationships.

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interwingled Martí Guixé

Intertwingled, curated by Martí Guixé and Inga Knölke

The exhibition has been designed as a single installation displaying more than 80 works of painting, photography, design, and craftwork. It presents the textile experimentations of artists such as Carla Accardi, Gastone Novelli, Bice Lazzari, Antonio Sanfilippo, tapestries that decorated the interiors of twentieth-century cruise ships, artworks such as Alighiero Boetti’s Mappa and Maria Lai’s Il sole scucito.

There are also collages by Eduardo Chillida, Max Bucaille and Jirì Kolar; the performative practices of Jana Sterback and Egill Sæbjörnsson; elements by designers such as Marion Baruch, Ettore Sottsass, Aldo Rossi, Alessandro Pedretti, Italo Rota, Nani Marquina; lastly, tapestries, carpets and handkerchiefs made by Afghan women.

The Role of the Rug in Arts, Crafts and Design
curated by Martí Guixé and Inga Knölke
Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Salone Centrale
until 4 September 2022

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