Designtech debuts in the MIND – Milano Innovation District

Technological innovation hub in the design, furniture and construction sector opens its first headquarters in the Milano Innovation District

After more than two years of work and research, Designtech, the hub for technological innovation in the design sector, opens its headquarters in the MIND – Milano Innovation District, in the former Expo area. Designtech’s goal is to bring companies closer to innovative startups to design solutions capable of improving and revolutionizing the way we live. Designtech, therefore, unifies design and technological innovation. It wants to acts as a bridge between companies, which have made design a central economic sector for the Italian economy, and the new generation of digital and creative entrepreneurs.

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Detail of the facade of the Village Pavilion, photo courtesy of MIND

Designtech was born on the initiative of Ivan Tallarico, founder and CEO of Hi-Interiors, and a group of entrepreneurs and professionals with complementary experience in the industrial design, automotive, nautical, hospitality, fashion and media industries. Its purpose is to primarily support companies operating in the furniture, construction, architecture and real estate sectors. The infrastructures that make up the hub are designed, built and managed directly by Designtech as a living lab to foster dynamics such as open innovation, startup acceleration, venture building, rapid prototyping and testing of new products and services in the aforementioned sectors.

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The reception area of Designtech

Designtech offers co-working, co-factory and co-living services in MIND-Milano

Among the services offered by Designtech we can mention co-working spaces with adjoining showroom, co-factory and co-living spaces. These spaces offer companies concrete opportunities to experiment with novel solutions in a real-world environment.

A meeting room on the first floor

Designtech is opening its first headquarters in MIND. There, in the Village Pavilion, it offers several innovation spaces and services dedicated to the community, which includes startups, companies and design industry professionals.

A meeting room on the first floor

The first co-working space, with adjoining events space and food experience lounge, is the result of the collaboration with Lombardini22, as design partner, and the area’s developer, Lendlease.

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Food experience lounge, in collaboration with Lomdardini22, ph: Andrea Martiradonna, courtesy of Lombardini22

In addition to the co-working space in MIND, other co-working, co-factory and co-living spaces are currently being planned. A second space, designed by Pininfarina Design, is located halfway between MIND and City Life. There, in the heart of the Certosa District, a former industrial area in the redevelopment master plan of the former Koelliker area will become a new hub. It is an open urban factory, where spaces for prototyping and digital fabrication will coexist with office spaces housing startups, self-producers and makers. [Featured image: Andrea Martiradonna, courtesy of Lombardini22]

Waiting room, in collaboration with Lomdardini22, ph: Andrea Martiradonna, courtesy of Lombardini22

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