The walls of the living area and the Wallover system by Caccaro

Wallover by Caccaro: solutions for TV sets and the living area

The Wallover storage system by Caccaro is the perfect solution for furnishing walls; its architectural approach allows you to freely combine dimensions, materials and colors. But Wallover is not just a piece of furniture: thanks to the endless possibilities for organizing interior spaces, Wallover walls allow you to have everything always in perfect order, concealed behind doors and columns.

Wallover can take on endless configurations to create custom walls with a strong design identity. The configurations to which the system’s elements can give rise are truly many; from full-height double-sided pillars, which can also be placed at the center of the room, to equipped walls with TV set; from solutions that reinterpret the concept of the traditional cupboard to bookcases; lastly, from storage units for the sleeping area to functional compositions for the entrance hall.

Wallover’s wide range of interior equipment makes it possible to create a composition that is perfectly suited to the functions it has to perform and to the style of the rooms it has to furnish. The lighting inside the modules and on the backs represents an evolution of the Freedhome system; the result is a “living” wall that elegantly decorates the environment with plays of light and shadow.

Discover all the configurations of the Wallover system and its storing sculptures

Wallover for the living area

Designed by Monica Graffeo, Caccaro’s new art director, Wallover has developed several furnishing solutions able to perform the different functions of the living area. Nowadays, the living area, in addition to the usual functions related to conviviality, generally houses increasingly technological and bulky TV sets, with sound systems that may require even very sophisticated systems. Reinterpreting the increasingly large screens and related devices (soundbars, consoles, decoders) in a contemporary way is one of the goals of the Wallover modular storage system.

A TV Frame

The Cornice element, for example, surrounds the TV and draws a picture to be customized with the system’s noblest finishes. Kera, formed from thin slabs of porcelain stoneware that reproduces natural marble, and Oxid, an innovative lacquering cycle that reproduces the cloudy effect of metal and essences, are among the finishes of Cornice, for sophisticated and eco-friendly living rooms.

Discover everything about the Wallover system by Caccaro

Caccaro Wallover Cornice

The Cornice module is available in various sizes to accommodate TVs from 55 to 75 inches. Its 45° joints and thin thicknesses confirm Caccaro’s attention to detail. The module includes a rear technical space of about 4 cm, which allows for the passage of cables and frees the composition from the position of electrical outlets. In this way, the TV becomes a simple picture, or a window, without any visible cables or sockets. A 45°-finished LED back panel can be installed on the frame, which enhances the finish of the module and facilitates TV viewing. Turning on, turning off and light intensity of the LED back can be adjusted with a remote control; the TV frame can be integrated with the other modules of the system, allowing for many different configurations.

Caccaro Wallover Cornice

Boiserie for classic walls reinterpreted with contemporary taste

Boiserie is another of Wallover’s seven modules, which creates a precious insert on the wall, on which it is possible to suspend TV sets, even large ones. Finishes can be lacquered in all colors of the Caccaro palette, in three wood essences – Eucalyptus, Walnut and Oak – or in Kera or Oxid. A simple hooking system allows several Boiserie panels to be joined together in order to obtain the desired dimensions.

Discover everything about the Wallover system by Caccaro

Caccaro Wallover Boiserie

Also this element has a 4 cm rear technical space, designed to manage TV cables in a neat and invisible way, without any constraints on their position. As with Cornice, also in Boiserie it is possible to apply a light panel finished at 45°, which projects a soft light on the wall, enlivens it and enhances its finish. The addition of hanging cabinets or bookcases allows you to create compositions with a strong personality, with a merely aesthetic function or for storage.

Caccaro Wallover Boiserie

The suspended TV and the Multimedia Base

In addition to suspended solutions, Wallover also offers several options for floor-standing TV bases. One of the modules, called Base, can be equipped with a TV stand with a cable-passing column, allowing a 55- or 65-inch screen to be suspended. In this configuration, too, the cables run in the column and can be connected to the devices in the multimedia compartment. The multimedia compartment opens with a state-of-the-art push-pull flap mechanism, is lined with acoustic fabric, and has a perforated aluminum front that allows sound and infrared signals to pass through. The Multimedia Base can be fully integrated with the other modules of the Wallover system for a variety of compositions.

Caccaro Wallover Multimedia Base

Among the many solutions provided by Wallover for TV management, it is also possible to choose wall suspension. In this configuration, the screen becomes an integral part of the composition. The distance between Wallover’s elements, the installation height, and the void around the black rectangle become variables that the designer can use to paint the wall like a picture.

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Caccaro Wallover TV wall

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