The sleeping area according to Enuit21: beds and complements

Enuit21 is a new brand that produces beds, upholstered furniture and complements entirely made in Italy

Italian textile tradition and attention for aesthetics and comfort come together in Enuit21, the brand born in 2021 to furnish the sleeping area. Antonio Caso, owner of Materassificio Montalese in Pistoia, has had the idea of creating a program entirely dedicated to sleep and rest, a program that did not exist before. Not only is Enuit21 entirely made in Italy: the entire industrial supply chain and materials, several of which are recycled, are Italian. In building the supply chain, Caso drew on his extensive experience in the industry, gained over fifty years of mattress and pillow production.


Enuit21 beds, photo: Andrea Martiradonna

Enuit21 beds are designed by Ilaria Marelli, up-and-coming young designer Filippo Di Lecce, and Enuit21Lab. The catalog includes beds, sofa beds, poufs, coffee tables, textile sets, bed frames and upholstered headboards. Covers are available in 266 variants, including colors and fabrics, offering almost endless customization possibilities.

Sharing bed, by Enuit21Lab

Sleep design according to Enuit21

We have conceived Enuit21 with a defined identity. High-quality production, flexibility to meet customers’ needs, recognizability of the typical Made in Italy values. Moreover, thanks to the industrial structure we rely on, we can count on very competitive prices,” explains Leonardo Baccaro, brand manager of Enuit21. “This has allowed us to expand in the Italian market in a very short time,” he continues.

Iris bed, by Ilaria Marelli

“Before venturing into export, we have a three-year program of consolidation in the country. During this three-year period, we will also develop new products in collaboration with designers, based on three key words: heritage, made in Italy, and sustainability. Along our path, we would like to give space to emerging talents, creating new languages for the sleeping area,” he concludes.

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Charming bed, by Ilaria Marelli

The positioning strategy currently plans to invest mainly in Italy. The brand is looking for business partners who are interested in the design segment and invest in online and offline communication. From the very beginning Enuit21 has also invested in a full team of professionals to communicate its values to the public, to the network of Italian stores and distributors, and to architects and interior designers. “Our goal is an increasingly focused presence in the design world, for which we will keep strengthening the corporate structure,” Leonardo Baccaro concludes.

Fluid bed, by Filippo Di Lecce

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