H67 modular wall system by Giussani

H67 by Giussani, a versatile modular wall system

Giussani presents H67, a modular wall system featuring an aluminum frame and full-height double glazing. Totally customizable, the walls are designed for work environments but are furnishing elements suitable for residential contexts and showrooms as well. The patented H67 system has aluminum profiles that can be in different colors. The H67 wall can have a 21 mm groove cut into the outer extruded profile.

A led strip with an opal diffuser screen can be placed here; color temperatures range from 3,000 to 4,000°K, with white or RGB light. Instead of the led strip, it is also possible to have a profile made of wood, polycarbonate or other material.

This wall system is based on an extruded aluminum profile attached to the floor and ceiling with two rigid/soft coextruded PVC gaskets to ensure acoustic sealing. A patented adjustment system makes it possible to compensate for any unevenness in the floor and ceiling, ensuring a fixed floor height of 50 mm.

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H67 is a versatile system that makes it possible to install two types of doors. The 64 mm thick hinged door is equipped with an acoustic guillotine, hinges with an adjustment system, extruded aluminum door case with stop gasket, and lever handle with cylinder lock. Lastly, the H67 system is available in a stainless steel-colored anodized aluminum finish, polished chrome or various RAL colors, upon customer request.

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