New, more sustainable lights from the Delta Light collection 2022

Delta Light: durable and sustainable lighting

The new Delta Light 2022 lighting collection revolves around the concept of sustainability, both in design and in the production chain. “Environmental protection is a paradigm in the technical development of our products,” said Gianluca D’Avino, Italy country manager for Delta Light. The new collection offers lighting systems designed to last; extending the life cycle of products is the principle on which all Delta Light production is based. So, formal and technological research favor the durability of products for an eco-friendlier approach.

Superloop collection by Delta Light

The new Delta Light products are both updates of already existing products and completely new collections. So, The Lighting Bible 14 New Collection includes the new Oval and Slim versions of the Superloop range. These new products expand the range of circular products with models that strike a perfect balance between architectural and decorative lighting. On the other hand, the historic Spy range improves its versatility with the new Spy Wallwash lights, suitable for recessed, surface-mounted, and track applications; they also offer wide adjustment options, both in term of lumens and beam width.

Spy collection

New products and new collections

The Oono product family represents an absolute novelty. The lights from this collection combine the pureness of glass with the sturdy look of metal. Being versatile, they offer solutions for outdoor and indoor use, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and pendant versions. They are also available in a portable, battery-powered version.

Discover the Lighting Bible by Delta Light

Oono collection

Cuppa, the unmistakably dome-shaped, flat-surfaced pendant lamps, are also among the new lights in the Lighting Bible 14 New Collection by Delta Light. The possibility to vary the length of the suspension cable is one of the strengths of these fixtures, allowing for flexible space management. In its minimal extension, the cable disappears into the adapter and is hidden from view.

Cuppa collection

Inform OK and LED Line OK are other new additions to the new Delta Light collection. Available in black, white, and gold, they are ideal for designing work or residential environments, with diffuse or punctual lighting.

Work or residential environments, diffuse or punctual lighting: in short, functional eclecticism. This could be defined as the main feature of Inform OK and LED Line OK linear lighting elements, other new additions to the new Delta Light collection, available in black, white, and gold.

Outdoor lighting, a new frontier for Delta Light

In preparation for the new Outdoor collection, Delta Light has started a new production line, a multi-layer coating line to deal with outdoor lighting in an organized way. The new outdoor products will be designed with special attention to Italy and the Mediterranean area, so they will be able to withstand the erosive action of sea salts, allowing them to last longer. As a result, also outdoor products will be more durable and sustainable.

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