Lake Como Design Festival

Lake Como Design Festival

Lake Como Design Festival returns from September 17 to 25, 2022

Palazzo del Broletto

From September 17 to 25, 2022, Como will host the Lake Como Design Festival. This is a structured event including a rich program of exhibitions, installations and talks scattered in historical, new or even forgotten places of the city, whose protagonists are history, architecture, design and art.

The theme of this edition will be Neo-nomadism and aims to investigate how the constant movement of people influences the meeting of different cultures and the creativity of each individual artist in the realization of new projects. In addition to promoting the area’s artistic and architectural heritage, the festival will showcase the works of artists from around the world in site-specific art and design exhibitions.

Scheduled events at Lake Como Design Festival

The program of Lake Como Design Festival 2022 includes an exhibition curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti entitled ERRANTI, art beyond the limits of the visible. The exhibition will take place in different points in the city helping visitors define the path and ways that define a horizon.

The works on display are by 20 leading figures from the world of art and design; Hanna Burkart, Franko B, Letizia Cariello, Gianni Cinti, Cesare Fullone, Alessandro Guerriero, Stephan Hamel, Francesco Jodice, Roberto Kusterle, Enzo Mari, Antonio Marras, Sandro Mele; Bruno Munari, Andrea Nacciarriti, Daniela Novello, Fabio Novembre, Marco Paganini, Lucia Pescador, Cesare Pietroiusti, Franco Raggi.

The exhibition will showcase photographs, videos, installations and objects addressing the theme of wandering as a nomadic condition, in tension between physical and symbolic territories. Each project will suggest different ways of living and thinking about the relationship between identity, territory and border.

Discover Design Helsinki Festival

Marco Paganini-IN TIME, installation at Renata Fabbri gallery, 2016

Design Contemporary Selection, Casartelli Science Museum and the online auction on Catawiki

Lake Como Design Festival will host the open call for independent designers, publishers and galleries, dedicated to contemporary design, also this year. In fact, the Nobel Hall of the Casartelli Science Museum will host a selection of contemporary design and scientific masterpieces. Then, the exhibits will be auctioned off online at Catawiki, Europe’s most visited online auction site for collectibles, art and design.

Lake Como Design Festival
Casartelli Science Museum

Discovering Casa Bianca

In September, design will also take center stage at Casa Bianca, a historic residence in Como open to the general public for the first time. The rooms of the villa will host a group of designers selected in collaboration with Galerie Philia, an international gallery of contemporary design and modern art with offices in New York, Geneva, Singapore and Mexico City.

The designers exhibiting at Casa Bianca are Lorenzo Bini, Agustina Bottoni, Cara/Davide, Samuel Constantini, dAM Atelier, Piotr Dabrowa, Draga & Aurel, Emelianova Studio, Pietro Franceschini, Karu Design, Jan Garnareck, Lupo Horiōkami, Morghen Studio, Frederic Saulou.

Check out the exhibition Draga & Aurel: Per Speculum in Aenigmate

Lake Como Design Festival
Lupo Horiōkami

Refreshment Design Talk at Villa Gallia

Indian journalist Prashanth Cattaneo curates the talk section at Villa Gallia, one of the most exclusive venues on Lake Como. During the talks architects, designers, industry professionals and intellectuals of national and international prominence will address – from different perspectives and with different expertise – the theme of Neo-nomadism sharing their work and love for design.

Lake Como Design Festival
Villa Gallia

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