Design per tutti – 2022 edition

Design per tutti is a Level Office Landscape initiative to promote design awareness among the general public

A unique opportunity to learn about design? Level Office Landscape is offering it with a series of public lectures. More in detail, Design per tutti is coming back from September 7 to 28, 2022, with a series of weekly lectures to learn more about design, organized by Level Office Landscape. Design per tutti is in its second edition, after the first cycle held in 2019 and the forced hiatus due to the pandemic. We have spoken about this initiative and its goals with Massimo Gianquitto, CEO of Level Office Landscape.

The goal of Design per tutti – Massimo Gianquitto explains – is to promote and spread the concept of design to the general public, who are often unfamiliar with design and might like to learn more about it. The idea is also to involve young people, high school students, who may have not matured a professional choice yet and may consider studying design at the university. More generally, the model that inspired me for this project is Adriano Olivetti, an entrepreneur who believed very much in the power of culture and knowledge. In fact, I would like to emphasize that Design per tutti is an entirely private initiative by Level Office Landscape, a company that produces office furniture to which design is constantly applied to improve the quality of working environments.”

The four-lesson series of Design per tutti 2022 will focus on “Experience Design”. The four lectures will consist of a first part of “experience” and a second, more traditional, lecture-like session. Held every week during the month of September, the four meetings will involve artists from different disciplines as well as professors, actors and professionals. “The goal of the 2022 edition – Gianquitto continues – is to engage the audience as much as possible, with relational art and participatory art performances, to encourage conviviality. After these difficult three years, we think it is time to get back to sharing collective experiences.”

September 7, 2022 – The Taste Experience

The first event is about Relational Art and reproduces the Instant Soup Performance, the movement’s first event in Italy, which was held at the Venice Biennale in 1993. Rirkrit Tiravanija, Thai artist born in Argentina, involves the audience in the preparation of an instant noodle soup to be consumed on the spot. The performance will be followed by a lecture by Penelope Vaglini, a food&beverage expert who collaborates with several international magazines. Together with her, three graduates from IED Milano’s Interior Design course – Elisa Chiodetti, Margherita Portesani and Domitilla Zuffellato – will present their thesis, a project related to spaces for food and its consumption.

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Rirkrit Tiravanija, Soup/No soup, Paris, 2012

September 14, 2022 – Experience Design

The second event will feature a performance by Alberto Casiraghy, an artist and designer considered by many to be the successor of Bruno Munari. Known for the publishing house Pulcinoelefante, Casiraghy will arrive with a suitcase full of objects of memory; with his objects, he will build a story on contemporary living. Following Casiraghy, Francesca Filippi, Professor of History of Art and Technology of Architecture, will explore the theme of space as a work of art; places other than lived in and inhabited become sculptures and contaminate their surroundings.

Alberto Casiraghy and Alda Merini

September 21, 2022 – The Psychology of Dwelling

The third evening of Design per tutti will feature a Living Performance. It is a play written especially for the event, dedicated to the concept of living, entitled “La casa è dove si trova il cuore” (“Home is where the heart is”). Director and playwright Pino Di Bello will be accompanied by actor and acting teacher Marco Continanza, and musician and performer Marco Casiraghi. Then, Alessandra Micalizzi, Professor of Psychology of Communication, will present her book Psicologia dell’Abitare. With a multidisciplinary approach that looks at the humanities, architecture, and embraces marketing, Micalizzi delves into the roots of dwelling, linked to the most unconscious needs of the mind.

Left to right: Pino Di Bello, Marco Continanza, Marco Casiraghi

September 28, 2022 – Creative Workshop

The last evening of the Design per tutti series will start with the award ceremony of Raffles Milano’s second- and third-year Interior Design students. Level Office Landscape, in fact, collaborated with Raffles Milano to develop interior design projects with students from Gianluca Di Muzio’s course. The students were asked to design the organization of the Design per tutti event and the best projects will be awarded during the evening. The last experience of Design per tutti will be a calligraphy workshop held by street artist GepCaserta leading to the creation of a collective text, with everyone’s calligraphy. At the end of the lecture series there will be a cocktail reception open to all.


Design per tutti – 2022 edition
Design dell’esperienza
Level Office Landscape
Via Lombardia 87
La Valletta Brianza (Lecco)

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