EQUIPHOTEL 2022: conscious hospitality

EquipHotel 2022 returns to Paris, Porte de Versailles, November 6-10

With more than 1,200 exhibitors, EquipHotel is the leading trade show for hospitality and catering dedicated exclusively to professionals, enhancing innovation and service excellence. In addition to the exhibition, EquipHotel offers conferences, seminars, and talks with experts to improve the quality of one’s offering.

equiphotel 2022

The main theme of this edition of EquipHotel is conscious hospitality. Territories, “slow tech” and “slow living”, energy saving and soft mobility are the new strengths of a facility that cares for the Guest Experience. Today, hotel and restaurant guests are increasingly environmentally conscious and look for all-around experiences. In this way, a hotel becomes a place not only to sleep, but also to work, create, relax, and perhaps immerse oneself in a different culture. Moreover, the same guest can have their lunch delivered to their room and dine at a gourmet restaurant on the same day or sleep in hotels of different categories, depending on the purpose of the trip. Therefore, it becomes essential to be flexible and adapt to changing needs.

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equiphotel 2022

The relationship with employees is also changing, and it is necessary to build loyalty among the staff in order to foster positive collaboration, which translates into a better management of the guest experience.

equiphotel 2022

EquipHotel 2022 has identified five priority themes for those who want to offer their customers a remarkable experience, standing out from competitors.

1) Sustainability

Sustainable development makes it possible to make a facility dynamic by focusing on local production and circular economy. Therefore, better management allows for benefits for everyone: hotel and restaurant managers, employees, guests, suppliers, and even the environment.

2) Becoming more attractive for the employees

Initial and continuing training, flexible working hours, incentive-based pay schemes, profit-sharing, recognition and other ways of rewarding their know-how are all effective tools and arguments to attracting young talent and retaining experienced staff.

3) Making digital technologies more human

Digitization proposes applications and solutions to simplify the day-to-day operations of hotel and restaurant professionals as well as improving performance and market position of establishments. However, digitization should foster human relationships, not make them disappear.

4) Beautiful spaces for well-being

In 2022, luxury equates with space, comfort, time, silence and nature. It’s a world where art and artisanship are at home and express the beauty of tradition.

5) Well-being at the heart of the hospitality offer

As guests are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city, the hotel stay becomes a time of regeneration in the spa, thermal baths, surrounded by nature, breathing pure air that makes them be at peace with themself.

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