Casalgrande Padana presents The City Collection

A new collection of porcelain stoneware tiles from Casalgrande Padana: The City Collection, by KPF architectural firm

Casalgrande Padana presents The City Collection, a project by architectural firm KPF (Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates) in collaboration with Milan-based studio SBGA. The City Collection is a collection of porcelain stoneware tiles also designed for outdoor use; therefore, it is suitable for floor, wall, and façade coverings.

The City Collection, Hong Kong

The collection is inspired by four metropolises where KPF have been working for a long time, designing several buildings and neighborhoods over the years. Therefore, these tiles express the soul and atmosphere of each city, with its own peculiarities; patterns and textures are derived from research into the nature of each metropolis, creating geometric effects that change depending on the distance and viewpoint.

The City Collection comes in a 60×120 cm size, with a natural finish. Its patterns and textures can also be combined with other Casalgrande Padana collections, creating compositions that arise from a mix of different textural effects.

Porcelain stoneware from Casalgrande Padana’s The City Collection: New York

In New York, the urban grid and high-rise buildings often draw central perspectives. For the tiles, the effect of the architectural experience is abstracted into a simple geometry, with diagonal banding articulated by verticals. The effect is evocative of New York’s energy and rhythm, and creates a cinematic effect.

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The City Collection, New York

The City Collection: London

As 40% of London is open space, the designers were inspired by natural forms. Looking at the textures and colors of the parks, gardens, and squares, they created an organic motif, abstracted from tree bark. This pattern is modular, layered over a light stone texture that references the Portland stone and London Stock bricks London is famous for.

The City Collection, London

The City Collection: Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, density and verticality dominate the urban experience. The repetition of tower block façades generates an intense pattern that is both recognizable and abstract. A grid pattern was developed for the tiles, whose rhythm is broken by subtle irregularities and variations, layered over an abstract granite background inspired by the surrounding mountains.

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The City Collection, Hong Kong

The City Collection: Shanghai

The multifaceted geometry of the roofs of Shanghai’s historic districts, which is the result of a gradual accumulation of buildings over the years, contrasts with the international character of its financial districts. The repetition of the roof motif generates an interlocking diamond pattern; horizontal and diagonal lines add complexity while the stone’s texture creates variation underlying the continuous pattern.

The City Collection, Shanghai

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