Tessuto, the award-winning decorative radiator by Cordivari Design

Tessuto is the award-winning decorative radiator by Cordivari Design that blends into the environment thanks to its textile effect


Tessuto, the decorative radiator designed by Marco Pisati for Cordivari Design, warms the house and blends into the space. A heating piece of furniture inspired by the beauty of classical art, Tessuto artificially reproduces the weft and warp of a fabric. This new effect, never seen before in the production of decorative radiators, is achieved through a deliberately imperfect industrial process that makes each model in the collection unique. The idea is inspired by some of Andy Warhol’s works: in some of the painter’s paintings, the serial repetitions of the matrix image have small intentional defects that diversify each copy, making it unique in its kind.

The Tessuto decorative radiator by Cordivari Design was selected for the ADI Design Index 2021

Tessuto is composed of elements assembled in series, decorated on the surface with deliberately asymmetrical artificial wefts and warps. During assembly, the rotation or non-rotation of these elements by 180 degrees creates ever-changing rhythms and patterns on the surface and gives a unique personality to every radiator in the collection.

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Tessuto by Cordivari Design, electric version

Lightweight and versatile: the Tessuto decorative radiator by Cordivari Design

The new Tessuto radiator is made of aluminum and available in 80 colors from the Cordivari Design color chart. It can be made in 11 different heights and 5 different widths, offering architects and interior designers great design freedom. The over 1000 mm high version is produced with concealed valves. Tessuto delivers excellent thermal performance and can also be combined with accessories such as bars or shelves, which are very lightweight thanks to the use of small sections.

TESSUTO is available in both water-operated and electric versions.

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Tessuto by Cordivari Design, electric version

Choosing Tessuto, the new decorative radiator by Cordivari Design, means giving personality to any space that needs to be heated. Its customization options allow it to match any furnishing style, even in the most demanding interior design projects.

An award-winning decorative radiator

Over the years, Tessuto has received several awards and recognition. In more detail, Tessuto was selected for the Adi Design Index 2021, won the Archiproducts Design Award 2021, the German Design Award GOLD 2022, the Red Dot Design Award 2022, the Gold Certification – Grands Prix Du Design 2022.

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