Ho.Me Plus by Arbi Arredobagno: a new collection

Ho.Me Plus is the new melamine collection by Arbi Arredobagno inspired by wood

The new Ho.Me plus collection by Arbi Arredobagno features a wide range of thermo-structured melamine finishes, expanded with ten new colors, inspired by the texture of wood. The bathroom furniture in the collection, totally made in Italy, has a minimalist design for essential yet comfortable bathrooms.

Furniture frames with thermo-structured melamine finishes are matched with fronts in gloss or matte lacquer finishes. Moreover, the distinctive smooth doors can be complemented by a wide variety of handles.

For striking material combinations, Arbi offers the possibility of making tops in CDF, the new water-repellent wood-derived material characterized by a distinctive exposed edge.

Discover Arbi Arredobagno’s Code collection

The collection, with its rigorous and essential lines, is also enriched with the Half open-front elements, which make furniture elegant and functional. Moreover, Arbi proposes Ho.Me Plus in two variants: one with flat front and handle, the other with integrated “J” handle grip. The collection is further enriched by Ho.Me Plus in the curved version: its base units characterized by soft lines make it possible to optimize even the smallest spaces.

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