Motus, the contemporary kitchen from Scavolini

Scavolini presents Motus, the kitchen that can be disassembled and reassembled to adapt to different configurations

Designed by Vittore Niolu for Scavolini, Motus is a modular kitchen with an elegant and unobtrusive style that makes it possible to customize the space of the kitchen.

Revolution in the kitchen with Motus

Motus perfectly expresses the role of the contemporary kitchen as its compositional flexibility leaves great creative freedom. It is characterized by the juxtaposition of individual elements, which perform their function independently, and can be disassembled and reassembled in a new configuration if it becomes necessary as a result of changes in the spaces of the home. With Motus by Scavolini, therefore, the kitchen becomes a cozy space to be experienced in everyday life.

Motus, the new kitchen from Scavolini

Motus is available in different colors with a lacquered, glossy or matte finish, or with other textured surfaces. Motus doors are handleless and have a grip in the upper part of the base units, while in the tall units the visible grip in the lower door allows the upper one to open as well. Moreover, Motus reinterprets in a contemporary way the classic glass door, a material that lends lightness to the volumes of the cabinets.

The peculiarity of the glass door is joined by a new protruding shaped drawer, 65 cm deep, positioned under the top, which enhances the strong personality of the kitchen. This geometric and eye-catching element makes the design more dynamic and unique. The configurations of Motus, Scavolini’s new kitchen, can also be enriched with a wide range of accessories, designed to keep everything in order; these are the Opus and Sign series, and the Setup system.

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The Fluida Wall System from Scavolini

Scavolini’s Fluida Wall System makes it possible to integrate Motus in the living area. This is a modular system with a load-bearing side panel, which can be placed against the wall or in the middle of the room and allows for free and versatile design of kitchen spaces. The system is characterized by its wide modularity and ability to adapt to different needs, taking advantage of the various opening options: open-front; with bottom-hinged, flap or hinged doors; or with pull-out baskets. The structure is as deep as the wall units, making it possible to combine them. All elements are available in lacquered and decorative versions and can be freely combined for a personalized environment.

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