Fundolandπ, play spaces between dream and reality

In Changsha, China, X Living designs Fundolandπ, a new entertainment destination for young people developed on trains of imaginary worlds

Architecture firm X Living has designed a new entertainment destination in Changsha’s Red Star Business District, one of the Chinese city’s most prosperous districts. Fundolandπ, that’s the name of the project, is a 4500-square-meter space that houses stores, restaurants, pubs, and numerous areas for individual and collective play, such as bowling, escape rooms, mystery games, KTV (online slot machines), and arcade games.

Fundolandπ by X Living, an interactive space to explore

At Fundolandπ, bright, vivid colors and neon lights bring the visitor into an imaginary world. A world where visual effects and futuristic visions invite people to stimulating and interactive play experiences.

The arched doorway at the entrance welcomes the visitor to a 60-meter tunnel, along which are all the play and leisure facilities offered by the facility. Recurring in this X Living project is the theme of travel. In fact, restaurants, pubs and play areas are all located in train stations, inviting people to set out on an imaginary journey to discover parallel, dreamlike realities.

Discover Beijing Zhongshuge Lafayette store, a bookstore designed by X Living in Beijing

x-living- Fundolandπ

A functional project with appealing aesthetics

The design of the ceiling, the use of contrasting materials, and the interaction of warm and cool colors create highly stimulating sensory experiences. Restaurants and pubs are located at the entrance, on either side of the tunnel, with tables and chairs both outside and inside the railroad cars. Stores have mirrored ceilings that reflect the goods on display, creating an effect of infinite reflection.

In contrast, Fundolandπ’s arcade game area is reminiscent of a retro subway. Subway seats, handrail rings, wall and floor signs, and graffiti on the walls enrich the entire space. At the center of the bowling alley is a huge locomotive. In The Livehouse, seats are placed on either side of the stage, lit by cool blue lights that make the atmosphere even more psychedelic.

x-living- Fundolandπ

Discover Beijing Zhongshuge Lafayette store, a bookstore designed by X Living in Beijing

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