Gaber: chairs, bookcases, and cabinets

Chairs, bookcases, and cabinets: Gaber has what you need for modern, functional and sustainable contract interiors

Gaber fully embraces the principle of Made in Italy, balancing craftsmanship with industrial production to create furniture that meets the eclectic tastes and needs of a diverse clientele. With a wide range of finishes and colors, Gaber chairs, bookcases, and cabinets are able to meet the needs of the most demanding interior designers.

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gaber sedie librerie contenitori sostenibili
Detail of Artesia stackable chairs

Artesia by Gaber: a stackable and versatile chair

Minimalist, practical and comfortable, Artesia is Gaber’s most versatile collection. Designed by Forsix, it is particularly easy to assemble and stack. It is perfect for conference rooms, waiting areas and meeting corners. To easily adapt to any project, it is available in various tone-on-tone or contrasting colors.

Discover the Artesia chair, awarded with the iF Award


gaber sedie librerie contenitori sostenibili
Artesia stackable chair by Forsix for Gaber

The art of showcasing with Display

Simple and elegant, Display is a modular shelving unit available with a matt black, gold or white painted steel frame, without any visible welds. Its shelves are made of Fenix, a resistant, durable and sustainable material. Designed by Kristine Flensted Nielsen, the Display units can support up to 4 shelves for wall or corner configurations.

gaber sedie librerie contenitori sostenibili
Display, by Kristine Flensted Nielsen for Gaber

Cabinet, storage units with different shapes and purposes

Cabinet is a furniture program designed by Forsix for modern offices, with worktops with minimalist lines and support structures with trestle legs; service furniture is suspended, for easy cleaning. These solid and strong cabinets are equipped with fast and safe assembly systems. Drawer cabinets, on wheels and equipped, help keep everyday items in order.

A Gaber setting furnished with Display shelving units and Cabinet elements

Cucaracha, the soft and comfortable armchair

Cucaracha, the armchair collection designed by Favaretto & Partners, features soft and elegant lines and is extremely comfortable. These armchairs are available in swivel and four-legged versions, with metal or wooden frame. The swivel version offers two different backrest heights. The wide range of coverings and colors makes the collection suitable for both offices and hotels.

Cucaracha armchairs

Flap, the folding chair

Eurolinea has designed Flap, a folding and stackable technopolymer chair for Gaber. Durable and stable, it is 100 percent recyclable and, thanks to a patented system, it can be easily folded and stacked, occupying very little space.

Folded and stacked Flap chairs

Also suitable for outdoor use, it is very quick and easy to clean, which makes it suitable for environments that require frequent sanctification. The wall hooks and trolley allow chairs to be stacked and transported easily. A linking device for arranging chairs in a line in conference rooms is also available.

Flap chairs

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