Fabio Mazzeo Architects and the Mirror of Wonders

A mirrored installation creates a backdrop at the entrance to the headquarters of Fabio Mazzeo Architects studio, in a charming 17th-century building

Fabio Mazzeo Architects

The headquarters of Fabio Mazzeo Architects, located in a 17th-century palace at 167 Via Giulia, Rome, welcome guests and visitors with a dramatic reflective installation. The concept of the installation in the entrance hall, titled Mirror of Wonders, is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s novels Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Like Alice’s mirror, the work takes the viewer on an imaginary journey into parallel worlds where anything is possible.

A reflecting mirror: the installation by Fabio Mazzeo Architects

The installation, characterized by a large mirrored surface, 4.5 meters wide by 4 meters high, consists of self-propelled, multi-shaped glass slabs that reflect the surrounding space from different angles, in a kaleidoscopic way.

Fabio Mazzeo Architects

The panel behind the mirror, backlit and covered with gold leaves, highlights the fractures on the surface, making the work dynamic. Reminiscent of a precious Renaissance mirror, the installation harmonizes with the architecture of the building.

The Mirror of Wonders represents a perfect combination of art, architecture and design. It is a bespoke work that also tells the story of the architectural firm that designed it.

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