Migliore + Servetto awarded at Biennale dello Stretto

Migliore + Servetto practice has been awarded for the Texturia Mari project at the Biennale dello Stretto

“Texturia Mari – Metaprogetto per un museo itinerante e galleggiante a forma di nassa” (metaproject for an itinerant and floating museum in the shape of a fish trap) by architecture and design studio Migliore+Servetto, has won the Premio Città Metropolitana di Reggio Calabria e Messina Award in the Communication Design category. This award is an initiative of the Biennale dello Stretto, the biennial architecture, design and art event currently being held in Reggio Calabria and Messina.

In 2022, the Biennale dello Stretto promoted a call to action aimed at the design world; architects and designers were invited to associate a “water word” with a design, to collect future visions for this area of the Mediterranean.

The winning proposal, “Texturia Mari”, by Migliore+Servetto, revolves around the concept of identity; “Texturia Mari is a neologism, a new word that encompasses memories, history and myths related to the Mediterranean Sea. It can be translated as textures, intersections, memories of the Seas, as the Mediterranean is a thousand things together. Not one landscape, but countless landscapes, not one sea, but a sequence of seas. Not one civilization, but a series of civilizations stacked on top of each other,” explain architects Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto.

Discover the first edition of La Biennale dello Stretto

biennale stretto migliore servetto

A large fish trap collects stories and memories in the Mediterranean

“Texturia Mari” is a kind of large floating and traveling fish trap; the fish trap travels through the Mediterranean and collects untold stories to rediscover forgotten places with a rich past and charm.

biennale stretto migliore servetto

Texturia Mari is the project for a traveling museum where the visitor takes a journey through the museum, with its stories of different cultures, and a journey through the sea and the places that created those stories. Not only is it a journey through history inside the museum – where stories of different cultures, languages and signs are collected – but, as the fish trap is mobile, it also travels through the sea and the places that created those stories, collecting new stories from time to time and establishing in each place new relationships with the context. “Texturia Mari,” Ico Migliore concludes, “is, therefore, an amplifier of invisible heritage and local culture.”

The award adds to a series of important accomplishments achieved by Migliore + Servetto in 2022, including two Red Dot Awards and selection in the prestigious ADI Index Design. Important recognition for the Milan-based practice, which this year is celebrating its 25th anniversary with more than 500 projects in 21 countries.

Texturia Mari, along with the other winning projects, is part of the exhibition “Le tre linee d’acqua”, which can be visited until December 15 at Forte Batteria Siacci, Campo Calabro, Reggio Calabria.

Discover the first edition of La Biennale dello Stretto

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