AlUla, in Saudi Arabia, is a source of design inspiration

Niko Kapa designs a sustainable collection of objects inspired by the natural landscapes of AlUla, a city in Saudi Arabia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The “Wadi” bowl recreates the enveloping lines of AlUla’s Hidden Valley

Niko Kapa, a Greek designer based in Dubai, designed a new collection of products inspired by the natural beauties of AlUla, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia. The collection, named after the city it is inspired by, includes a series of functional and decorative objects made from sustainable local materials. Niko Kapa’s innovative and socially responsible design won an AlUla Design Award. The award recognizes all the best design projects inspired by AlUla’s artistic, cultural and environmental heritage.

AlUla collection: art meets sustainability

AlUla collection consists of a series of handcrafted objects with a contemporary design, featuring shapes and colors reminiscent of volcanic landscapes, desert dunes and sandstone mountains in AlUla. The collection is made from natural elements and sustainable materials such as AshCrete, red clay and desert sand. AshCrete is used as a substitute for traditional cement, and is an environmentally friendly material, composed of 97% fly ash. Red clay, on the other hand, is used as a natural pigment to replicate hues and shades of the warm colors of the earth.

AlUla-arabia Saudita
The “Naqsh” spice and herb cellar is reminiscent of rock cuttings from Hegra, an ancient stone city 22 km from AlUla

A sustainable collection made with local materials

AlUla collection is made exclusively from waste products and desert sand from the city of AlUla. The proximity of the main raw materials, therefore, makes it possible to minimize transportation costs. As for the production, no technical expertise or special equipment is required, making it possible to minimize labor costs and optimize manufacturing time for mass production.

The “Harrat” desk organizer is inspired by Saudi volcanic craters and Islamic geometric patterns

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