Bencore to launch LOOP at EuroShop 2023

At EuroShop 2023, Bencore is launching Loop, an eco-friendly and multifunctional wall system perfect for any interior design style

sistema a parete ecosostenibile

Bencore is launching LOOP at EuroShop 2023. This eco-friendly and multifunctional wall system has been designed to divide and create new environments in both contract and residential spaces.

LOOP by Bencore, an eco-friendly wall system that is perfect to organize spaces

Thanks to its rack system and basic modules, LOOPS offers the opportunity to equip the walls in a fully customized way in line with one’s needs and taste. Therefore, it makes it possible to redesign spaces in a practical and functional way without too much difficulty. For example, with LOOP you can separate the kitchen from the living room, create a walk-in closet in the bedroom or a study/work area providing all the necessary amenities.

sistema a parete ecosostenibile

LOOP’s technical features

LOOP can be enriched and totally customized with shelves, drawers, hangers and desks. It is available in the Lightben Mini and Hexaben Small materials, both available also in the Mirror version. The thickness of the panels ranges from 9 to 11 mm, while the maximum applicable dimensions are 90LX300H cm.

Lightben material

Bencore is 100% green

Bencore’s new sustainable and multifunctional wall system once again confirms the company’s penchant for developing aesthetically appealing and technologically advanced systems. In fact, the Lightben product family has obtained the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) declaration, which studies environmental impacts throughout a product’s lifetime, and the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), fully legitimizing its degree of sustainability in a verifiable and indisputable way.

Hexaben material

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