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Lodes presents Tidal, the new ceiling lamp designed in collaboration with Needs Studio

Lodes illuminazioni Tidal lampada a soffitto

Lodes has teamed up with Needs Studio to launch Tidal, a ring-shaped ceiling lamp that references the tide and celestial bodies. Its fluid, oval design mimics the motion of the waves and the change dictated by the tide, with one end wider than the other, depending on the position from which you look at it.

Technical features

The body is made of die-cast aluminum and contains an LED source that emits light both downward and upward. The ring discreetly hides all the technical elements inside the design, enhancing the object’s aesthetic value. Tidal is capable of emitting a glow that can illuminate an entire room. In fact, its output is 4680 lumens for both the 2700K and 3000K versions.

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Lodes illuminazioni Tidal lampada a soffitto

Soft finishes and lighting

Tidal, the new ceiling lamp from Lodes, is available in three matte shades: white, terra, champagne. Moreover, its light can be modulated with a wall-mounted dimmer. Available in one size (Ø 60 cm), Tidal is perfect for any interior design style.

Needs Studio explains: “Tidal is the result of research developed from fixed points: the need to create a finished object with a personality that would make it completely different from other products currently on the market. The study, therefore, focused on pure shapes, on the variation of the section that makes the object interesting and constantly changing from all points of view.”

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