Agorà Design Contest 2023

Agorà Design Contest invites students and professionals to submit sustainable architectural and design solutions by July 3, 2023

Agorà Design Contest 2023

The new edition of Agorà Design Contest, dedicated to architects and designers from around the world, is focused on the theme of contemporary living. With its title “Iperlocale: architettura e design dai territori” (“Hyperlocal: architecture and design from territories”), the contest invites them to share sustainable ideas and designs in relation to territories’ peculiarities and history.

Agorà Design Contest 2023: Living and Garden sections

Divided into two sections, Living and Garden, the contest invites participants to submit novel and original green design ideas and projects. Therefore, their prototypes should feature special uses and innovative applications in the use of materials. The Living section, related to the world of interior design, will include projects for furniture and accessories, such as fabrics, wall and floor coverings, while the Garden section will be divided into the following categories: DAYBED, outdoor coverings (gazebos, tensile structures, awnings) and outdoor seating (sofas, armchairs and chairs).

Agorà Design contest

The new Agorà Design Festival contest: local dimension, design, sustainability

Is it possible to detect new creative energies in the hyperlocal dimension? Can designers and architects respond to the demands of modern society? Is it possible to give new impetus to design culture in line with the specificities and history of territories by recovering forgotten or fallen into disuse techniques? World-renowned designers, architects and professionals will exchange views on these questions during the Agorà Design Festival in Martano (Lecce), September 28-October 1, 2023.

Terms and Deadlines

Agorà Design Contest 2023 will award cash prizes and special mentions, such as the one for reusing olive wood. The awards ceremony will be held at the Palazzo Baronale in Martano, which will be the exhibition venue of the four-day event. Applications should be filled out at, while project boards should be sent to the dedicated e-mail address no later than July 3, 2023, 12 noon.

The competition announcement with detailed information is available here.

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