ISH 2023: Join the World’s Leading Fair for HVAC + Water

The world’s leading trade fair for HVAC + Water, ISH is taking place in Frankfurt am Main from the 13th to the 17th of March this year. The motto for this year’s event is “solutions for a sustainable future”, and will revolve around design innovations that contribute to current climate-protection targets and the cultivation of a responsible and energy-efficient future.

2019’s ISH trade show saw over 2,500 exhibitors from Germany and abroad launch their latest products, technologies and innovative solutions to bring the sector together, and attracted over 190,000 international attendees. This year’s event is expected to be bigger and better than ever before.

The exhibition centre halls will play host to a range of special exhibitions, expert lectures, panel discussions, guided tours, and demonstrations for HVAC products, and this year will introduce a digital extension to the well-known trade fair experience. It sets trends for modern bathroom design, sustainable heating and air-conditioning technology, and intelligent home systems. Expect to view and hear from target groups across the sector, including:

  • Sanitation, heating and air-conditioning installers and industry
  • System planners and engineers
  • Wholesalers and retailers
  • Architects, interior architects, designers
  • Construction and housing industry
  • Investors and local authorities.

Today, we take a look at what you can expect at ISH 2023 and some key highlights that shouldn’t be missed.


ISH themes for 2023

This year’s theme is particularly pertinent in the current socio-political climate as the sanitary and HVAC sector experiences increased demand. Never before have industries been so awake to the importance of providing a secure energy and water supply. Additionally, the event will focus on the impact that too large a dependence on individual energy sources and suppliers can have and deliver concrete solutions to mitigate this.

Words that will characterise this year’s event include energy self-sufficiency, supply security, drinking water hygiene and renewable energy sources. The fair’s goals reflect the need to achieve targets set out in the Paris Climate Protection Agreement as well as the importance of intelligent energy management connecting heating and mobility sectors.


Event highlights

ISH events focus on ongoing developments in the sector, providing ample opportunities for information, discussion and networking for market leaders across sectors.

ISH Energy 

As the world’s leading event for efficiency technologies and renewable energies within the heating market, ISH 2023 will showcase a huge selection of marketable solutions being developed for the Green Deal, with the goal of meeting highly ambitious climate protection targets at the global and European levels.

The focus of this year’s ISH Energy section will be on combining high-tech heating solutions and green energy to achieve climate protection goals by revealing various approaches and solutions to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. Featuring over 1,100 exhibitors in halls 8-12 of the exhibition centre, the ISH Energy section will present innovations for the heating, air-conditioning and ventilation segments, along with intelligent solutions in the home and building automation market.

ISH KV 23 EnergyTop themes for the Energy section include:

  • Solutions for heat transition and climate protection (including the decarbonisation of the heating sector and intelligent energy management)
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability (such as digitalisation, sourcing new energy and electromobility and building automation)
  • Indoor-air quality

Take a look at the Hotspot Energy events that will take place at ISH 2023.


ISH Water 

The ISH Water section is the largest showroom for high-tech and high-end modern bathroom innovations and concepts and sustainable sanitation solutions that meet comfortability requirements.

Alongside design aspects, this year’s event will focus on sustainability, taking into account materials, production and longevity of bathroom design. Particularly, it considers the concept of sustainable installation and water quality, as well as energy-efficiency in hot water supply.

ISH KV 23 Water

Top themes this year include:

  • Sustainable bathroom (including bathroom renovation and zero-waste innovation)
  • Resource water (such as concepts for public hygiene stations).

You can check out the various Hotspot Water events here.


ISH Digital Extension 

ISH 2023 will be complemented by the Digital Extension space, which will offer an additional way for interactions to take place between customers, partners and journalists. Attendees can access new networking opportunities through the online and AI-backed platform, to achieve maximum reach.


Are you ready for ISH 2023

Guaranteed to be an engaging and memorable few days, the 2023 ISH is an event not to be missed.

Guests can purchase tickets to ensure their spot at the fair and select from the options of a season or day ticket, as can access the digital extension space for an additional fee. 


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