Cara Casa Festival explores contemporary ways of living

Milan, Bologna, Genoa and Venice are hosting the first traveling festival dedicated to contemporary ways of living from April 15 to 30, 2023

Cara Casa Festival
Milan, Ph: Thomas Evraert

The Foundations of the Orders of Architects of Milan, Genoa, Venice and the Order of Architects of Bologna, in collaboration with the University of Genoa, Fondazione Housing Sociale and Associazione Ambiente Acqua APS, present Cara Casa Festival, the first traveling festival dedicated to contemporary ways of living.

Winner of the public notice “Festival Architettura – II edizione,” and promoted by the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture, from April 15 to 30, the Festival will present a rich program reflecting on the evolution and living conditions in today’s urban spaces in 4 Italian cities.

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Bologna. Ph: Petr Slovacek

Cara Casa Festival and contemporary ways of living

Therefore, Milan, Venice, Bologna and Genoa will become the stage for numerous meetings and authoritative contributions. The festival will be attended by experts, scholars and institutional figures who will dialogue about the present of living and possible future scenarios. The event, which is open to all, will analyze cases of depopulation, which undermine the vitality and survival of some cities, and those in which, on the contrary, housing demand is so high that whole portions of the population are displaced. Other topics will be tourism, students and city users who interact with the urban fabric and change the identity of cities with their temporary demands.

During the meetings, a close look will be taken at what is happening inside homes. These spaces have become increasingly “hybrid” as both private and work activities take place there. Therefore, Cara Casa Festival will discuss the home and its dynamic and multidimensional value by analyzing its social, economic, design and environmental implications.

Casa Cara Festival
INA Casa Forte Quezzi, “Il Biscione” by Carlo Luigi Daneri and Eugenio Fuselli, Genoa, Ph: Jacopo Baccani

From micro to macro

The concept of living space will be extended to shared places. From small environments, such as an atrium or a terrace, to all the dimensions of everyday life that cannot fall into the “home space” category. The programs proposed by the Cara Casa Festival in the four cities will include conferences, talks, exhibitions, city bike tours, family workshops; professional workshops, guided tours, walking and traditional lectures.

As these reflections involve cities and inhabitants far beyond the Italian borders, some meetings will also take place in a number of European cities from June to October 2023. These activities abroad are organized in collaboration with the European Federation for Living (EFL) and the UrbaMonde / Cohabitat association.

Check out the program here

Museo del Novecento, Mestre, Venice, Ph: Alessandra Chemolio

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