ISH 2023 Design Plus: Top 5 Sustainable Bathroom Products

ISH 2023, the world’s leading trade fair for HVAC and water solutions, took place in Frankfurt am Main this year. Alongside design, this year’s event focused on sustainability and adopted the motto “solutions for a sustainable future”.

Pop Up My Bathroom was a highlight of ISH 2023, allowing thousands of exhibitors to showcase new products and design trends for bathrooms. Sustainable Bathroom was the most important of the trends explored this year, reflecting the current demand for solutions for a responsible and energy-efficient future, with a particular focus on zero waste, sustainable materials, installation, and quality pertaining to water as a valuable resource.

This year, around 2,000 companies from the sanitation, heating and air-conditioning sectors from around the world presented their innovations at the ISH trade fair, with around 80% of those visitors showcasing products within the ISH Water section of the event. This included everything from products for modern bathrooms to smart technologies and software.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the planet and are therefore seeking solutions to bring sustainability into the bathroom to achieve better efficiency and less water waste. But it’s not just about taking shorter showers and remembering to switch lights off, there is a need to ensure sustainability is embedded in design from the very beginning.

With this in mind, here are the top 5 sustainable bathroom products found at this year’s ISH trade fair for HVAC and water solutions.


1. Kaldewei – Oyo Duo bathtub

Kaldewei Oyo Duo bathtubGerman company Kaldewei has been producing and marketing innovative bathroom solutions for over 100 years. The brand has also been a long-time partner of the WWF marine conservation program and is dedicated to reducing plastic waste in our oceans.

This year, Kaldewei exhibited the Oyo Duo bathtub designed by  Stefan Diez. Made from 100% recyclable steel enamel, like all of Kaldewei’s products, the bathtub can be reused and repurposed at the end of its life cycle. This was a highlight of the zero-waste designs exhibited at this year’s show. The freestanding bathtub also received the German Design Award 2023.


2. Woodio – Washbasins, washstands, and toilets



Woodio showcased a selection of washbasins, washstands and toilets at this year’s fair. The modern Finnish interior and design brand combines the best of Nordic design traditions with the use of sustainable materials to drive innovation. All Woodio products are made from their signature material, which is the world’s first 100% waterproof solid wood composite. It has been designed as a sustainable alternative to ceramic and stone materials.

Sustainability flows through the entire design process for Woodio, and their smart designers don’t use water in production to ensure that as little energy as possible is consumed and they retain a small carbon footprint. The signature materials used in their products are impact resistant and almost unbreakable, reflecting their prioritization of durability and longevity in the design process.


3. Hydraloop – Hydraloop Concealed filterless water recycling solution

Hydraloop Concealed

Hydraloop is a multi-award-winning venture focused on empowering consumers and organizations to save up to 45% on water and wastewater while reducing their carbon footprint and retaining a sense of comfortable living. To do this, they provide a variety of innovative, IoT-connected, sustainable water recycling solutions. These are suitable for residential and commercial use in locations where the water supply is unstable or insufficient.

This year, they introduced the ultra-compact Hydraloop Concealed. This IoT-connected, low-maintenance greywater recycling system is hidden behind the bathroom wall and is simple to implement. This minimizes construction time for new bathrooms and can be adapted to existing ones during refurbishments. Offering a minimal carbon footprint, simple plumbing and a unique design, the Hydraloop Concealed is Hydraloop’s clean-tech solution that reduces water and energy bills towards a more sustainable bathroom.


4. Eumar Santehnika OÜ – Eumar console countertop and shelf collection

Eumar designEumar creates innovative bathroom design products including composite stone washbasins, bathtubs, vanity furniture, shower enclosures and LED mirrors. All of the brand’s products are made from recyclable composite stone which is extremely durable and created from natural minerals and modified polyester resin. In this way, their designs mimic the appearance of natural materials like granite, stone and marble.

This year, Eumar presented its console countertop and shelf collection, which consists of flexible storage solutions to help homeowners maximize storage space for a functional bathroom environment emphasizing well-being and sustainability.


5. LAUFEN – Ilbagnoalessi

Laufen Alessi

Swiss manufacturer LAUFEN creates holistic bathroom experiences with a focus on design quality, technological innovation, and sustainability. The designer views the bathroom as a living environment which must combine comfort and unique aesthetic appeal. All of LAUFEN’s products are environmentally friendly and socially responsible, in line with the theme of sustainability.

At the ISH 2023, LAUFEN showcased ILBAGNOALESSI, a holistic idea for the bathroom which strikes a perfect balance between form, function, craftsmanship and technological innovation. This important new collection is offered in three variations of finish and colour, and features a matte finish for a contemporary feel.


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