libero 3000: the most minimalist shower enclosure from Duka comes in new colors

natura 4000 and libero 4000 are the latest proposals of Colour Up Your Life, the new colorful project for shower enclosures by Duka

After pura 5000 ColourArt, natura 4000 and libero 4000 Colour Up Your Life, Duka continues with its research in the world of color. libero 3000, the smart and functional freestanding shower enclosure, gets new, shiny finishes: copper pearl, brass pearl, black pearl. The vertical profile and the support bar evolve into refined and “bright” decorative elements while confirming their primary fundamental function. With its austere and minimalist design, the metal bar can be installed at an angle of 30° or 90°, defining the shower entrance and evoking the impression of a “suspended” profile.

libero 3000’s fixed wall, made of 6- or 8-mm tempered safety glass, is available in heights up to 205 cm and widths up to 140 cm. It can also be installed in special situations where cut outs are necessary, for example in presence of a slope roof other particular settings.

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libero 3000 is the ideal walk-in solution for large spaces; it is also perfect for medium-sized spaces and even those that extend in length. Thanks to the new colors, it reflects light, creating striking effects. The open-space shower in combination with color becomes a trendy piece of bathroom furniture, making this room a flowing and emotional space.

libero 3000: Colour Up Your LIfe!

By adding Colour Up Your Life to the libero 3000 series, the new pearl finishes are now available for all Duka’s shower enclosures – with any opening. libero 3000 joins the sliding door, bi-folding door or pivot door from natura 4000, the folding door or revolving door of the libero 4000 walk-in solution. As a result, also the libero 3000 walk-in solutions are now available in the new trendy finishes.

Duka’s range of shower enclosures and cubicles expands with a number of options suitable to meet any furnishing and design need.

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