duka pura 5000 shower enclosure in the new ColourArt version

pura 5000, the shower enclosure by duka characterized by essential lines, has a new look thanks to colors

Metal construction details are now offered in different finishes and colors to suit different interior design styles. Moreover, also to meet different aesthetic and installation needs, the duka pura 5000 series now includes a version with wall profiles and a version without profiles.

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cabina doccia duka

ColourArt, the proposal that follows the matte stainless-steel profile launched in 2021, brings color into the bathroom; as a result, the hinges and handles of pura 5000 are even more contemporary and create a pleasing contrast between the transparency of the glass and the color of the metal.

cabina doccia duka

Duka launches new finishes for handles and hinges of the pura 5000 series

The aluminum of the hinges and handles now comes in five new finishes: matte white, matte black (painted aluminum), brushed black, brushed brass, and brushed copper. The PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating is a finish that ensures resistance to abrasion, scratches and corrosion, and is more eco-friendly. The new ColourArt proposal is available for pura 5000 versions with and without profile. The wall profile is made of polished silver, while for the models without profile the side glass is silkscreen-printed to match the color of hinges and handles.

pura 5000 ColourArt by duka is a new interpretation of the shower enclosure, which becomes an interior design element with a strong personality. The different finishes of the hinges and handles make it possible to create different and original ‘sets’ to fully personalize shower stalls and enclosures.

cabina doccia duka

Hinges include more than 50 components that allow the door to open both inward and outward; handles are designed for a comfortable and safe grip. Handles and hinges are now colorful details that create a new aesthetic for one of duka’s most iconic shower enclosures.

Discover duka acqua 5000 new

Thanks to its different profiles, glass finishes, and customizable sizes, pura 5000 is an ideal solution for residential or contract bathrooms with different needs. The pura 5000 series with 8 mm tempered glass is equipped with an innovative mechanism that lifts the door a few millimeters off the ground when opening or closing. It is also equipped with the ‘Automatic Close’ system, which ensures that the door closes perfectly.

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