Delta Light at Milan Design Week 2023

At the Milan Design Week 2023 Delta Light presents its new collection, The Lighting Bible 15

evento Fuorisalone 2023 di Delta Light
momentUM, installation by Delta Light at the Fuorisalone 2023

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023, Delta Light presents the new Lighting Bible 15 lighting systems at its showroom at via Gaspare Bugatti 15 and momentUM, the new interactive installation.

New indoor luminaires

The Mikaline family of profiles combines sandblasted optics and low UGR LEDs capable of completely illuminating large spaces and making small spaces welcoming with dedicated lighting options. Profiles up to 10 meters long, plug-in cables for easy powering, and connectors that allow up to 4 elements to be combined complete the functional versatility of a range designed to be a true toolset.

luci di Delta Light

The Obin range features flat lens systems that can rotate 360° and tilt 45°, with no additional hinge required. These lighting systems can be mounted on single or double surfaces or installed on magnetic profiles. The Obin range also marks the debut of five new colors in the brand’s catalog. The new shades range from gray to copper, in addition to the Piano Black glossy finish.

Outdoor luminaires from Delta Light

As for outdoor products, Delta Light will present Logic 190 R OK, a recessed floor spotlight that can be adjusted on site, does not need to be disassembled, and remains protected from water or dust. Used as individual spotlights or installed in line, these fixtures exploit the properties of wall grazing optics to enhance façades and architectural elements.

Obin lampada di Delta Light

Delta Light’s participation in Milan Design Week this year will also be marked by significant partnerships. The XY 180 lighting system, for example, is the star of the “Space Makers – Magic Room” installation curated by Roberto Gobbo for Zalf, in the Brera Contract space at Foro Buonaparte 57. Other prestigious collaborations include those for the “Zodiac” exhibition by Creative Academy, Richemont’s international design school, held at Palazzo Litta; the one taking place at Campo Base consisting in the lighting of common areas and three exhibitions; the one focused on “living in beauty”, developed with Portaluppi Pattern Project as part of Alcova at the former municipal slaughterhouse on Viale Molise.

Lastly, we must mention the launch of Delta Light’s new website designed to facilitate design work with a view to sustainability.

Linear luce di Delta Light

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