Connect pergola by Pratic at the Ostuni Mirror trullo

Under the stars and surrounded by nature. Ostuni offers accommodation in Pratic’s Connect pergola

The expression “experiencing the landscape” takes on a whole new meaning at the Ostuni Mirror, trullo and mirror house, where accommodation becomes part of the surrounding nature (and vice versa), in an unexpected multisensory experience. The perfect fusion of real and dreamlike dimensions is made possible for the first time by the mirrored design of the Connect pergola by Pratic.

pergola pratic ostuni

Obtained from the renovation of an ancient trullo, this vacation home allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Apulian countryside, dominated by an expanse of olive groves and Mediterranean plants. A genuine place where you can find all the services of a modern hospitality facility, whose spaces are divided between the interiors of the trullo and those of the two bioclimatic pergolas, designed by Florence-based company Delco Service.

pergola pratic ostuni

The modules, measuring 31.5 and 14 square meters, house an independent and unique space that multiplies the available space to meet the accommodation needs of any family, including large ones. Being used only in summer, which is a hot period and only occasionally rainy, Connect takes on an unusual function for an outdoor pergola: integrated with a small stone building housing a kitchen and private bathroom, it becomes a “mirror house” equipped with a living room with a sitting and a dining area, as well as a cozy master bedroom.

Discover Connect, the bioclimatic pergola from Pratic

pergola pratic ostuni

The pergola that protects privacy

Two areas directly projected into the landscape through Connect’s vast glass windows, which allow for unobstructed views as well as total privacy. In fact, the bioclimatic pergola developed by Pratic is the first to use the Spy Glass technology: fixed and sliding tempered glass walls reflect the surrounding landscape on their surface, making the interior invisible from the outside. This feature gives it unprecedented versatility, both in terms of the structure’s possible uses and the ease with which it can be integrated into any installation context.

pergola pratic ostuni

At the Ostuni Mirror trullo, Pratic’s Connect pergola combines the refinement of the historical artifact with a futuristic yet discreet architecture, on which the landscape is mirrored and transformed, enhancing its beauty. The only feature that reveals the pergola’s presence is its thin aluminum profile, chosen in a Corten color that recalls the red earth of Puglia.

The same shade also characterizes the roof blades, which can be oriented from 0° to 140° to benefit from custom climatic comfort regulated by the use of natural lighting and ventilation. When open, in fact, the blades allow sunlight or the softer light of the starry sky to enter the room, but, when needed, they can also be closed by remote control. Lastly, the final touch of comfort and style is provided by the Raso vertical drop awnings, contained in Connect’s horizontal profiles, and the dimmable LED Line, also positioned around the perimeter.

In the evening, the LEDs lend additional charm to the cozy outbuilding, which, in turn, is reflected in the pool mirror, creating a dramatic play of light. An environment with dreamy atmospheres, in which to relax enveloped by moonlight and the stillness of nature.

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