MOODE, the chameleonic collection from Rexa, gets a makeover

In line with the changing needs and contemporary lifestyles, Rexa renovates some of its permanent collections, including the rigorous and refined Moode


Rexa, a constantly evolving company, reinterprets some of its collections by enriching them with new finishes and features. And Moode is one of these collections.

Rexa presents the new look of the Moode collection

Moode by Rexa allows you to customize your bathroom to suit your tastes and needs. With its linear look, it lends itself to expansive compositions designed to enhance big spaces in a light and balanced way.

This is a chameleon-like collection that can be “dressed up” and complemented with many different materials – for sides, cabinet doors and tops – and finishes including wood, stoneware, fenix, clay, glass, eco.mortar, matte or glossy lacquer, or with a metallic effect. Moreover, the washbasins, be them built-in or countertop, are available in Corian®, Korakril™, Shark, Marble, Murano Glass, Cocciopesto, ceramic and sheet metal, as well as in multiple shapes and sizes.


Moode consists of base units with drawers and hinged doors 46 or 53 cm deep and 40 to 120 cm wide. Wall units, tall units, display cabinets and new, fully customizable wood paneling have joined the system; elements that celebrate water as well as beauty, sensory experience and functionality.

Deep research and material culture

Rexa designs solutions that are highly customizable and versatile in terms of size, shape, and materials. Materials are, in fact, part of a rich system of finishes and colors that are constantly being updated and are the result of the commitment, research and experimentation that the company has undertaken over the years.

Discover the Vision collection by Rexa


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