Top 5 Italian Designers to Watch at the Venice Design Biennial 2023

The Venice Design Biennial 2023 is just around the corner and the event is set to showcase the brilliance of Italian design, bringing together the nation’s top designers in a celebration of art, architecture, innovation and craftsmanship. Italy’s profound influence on design, spanning centuries of creativity, will be on full display as these visionary makers take the stage.

Italy’s design legacy, encompassing architecture, fashion, furniture, and industrial design, sets the stage for the Venice Design Biennial. The event serves as a platform for international designers to push boundaries and set new standards, blending tradition with innovation, and drawing on relevant themes in the design world. With a lineup of rising stars and established icons, the Biennial promises a showcase of their distinctive styles, groundbreaking concepts, and commitment to shaping the future of design.

In this article, we delve into the must-see Italian designers participating in the Venice Design Biennial 2023. From their fusion of tradition and technology to their focus on sustainability, these visionaries offer a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of design.


Leo De Carlo for Vetralia Collectible

Leo De Carlo is a featured designer at the Venice Design Biennial 2023. Born in Venice in 1972, Leo graduated in Industrial Design from Milan Polytechnic. After working in goldsmith design, he returned to Italy and has since collaborated with companies emphasizing manual craftsmanship.

Leo De Carlo for Vetralia Collectible

Coming from a family of antique dealers specializing in Venetian glass art, he reinterpreted various craft traditions in his own creative style – a fusion of high and pop culture, offering a playful and often unsettling vision of the contemporary world.

He will exhibit his work at the show for Vetralia Collectible, which combines contemporary art forms with Venetian craftsmanship to create functional works of art. The project showcases how artistic interpretation and traditional skills can merge, producing unique artefacts that express an innovative worldview rooted in tradition. These objects appeal to discerning clients who appreciate profound design concepts and unparalleled manual craftsmanship.


Sara Ricciardi Studio

Sara Ricciardi Studio, renowned for its exceptional work, focuses on creative direction and multidisciplinary design.

Headed by Sara Ricciardi, the studio’s expertise spans various fields including interior and retail projects, public installations, exhibition design, and product design for both Italian and international companies and art galleries.

Sara Ricciardi Studio

With its headquarters in Milan and additional offices worldwide, the studio embraces a vibrant and sophisticated approach to design and excels in producing innovative and empathetic concepts. This year, Sara Ricciardi Studio will feature at the Venice Design Biennial and is guaranteed to turn heads.


Lucia Massari 

Italian product designer and illustrator Lucia Massari will feature at this year’s Venice Design Biennial. Born in Venice in 1983, she studied product design at the Higher Institute of Architecture in Venice (IUAV) and obtained her Master’s degree in product design from the Royal College of Art in London.

Lucia Massari

In 2010, Massari established her eponymous studio, splitting her time between Venice and London. In 2012, she permanently relocated her studio to Venice and began incorporating collaborations with local artisans in her practice.

Her work is a nod to the world of contemporary art, with her designs featuring bold colours and fascinating constructions that make each piece unique in its own right. Her latest collection features lighting, mirrors, furniture pieces, and much more. Massari’s exceptional work has also been exhibited at prestigious international events such as the Ljubljana Design Biennale, the London Design Festival, and the Salone del Mobile.


Arianna de Luca

Arianna De Luca has been working as an interior designer across the world, in countries such as the UK, South America, and Italy. She studied Design in Rome and in London, where she completed an MA at Central Saint Martins. In 2017, she started to work with ceramics in order to create bespoke pieces to complement her interior projects and was soon inspired to develop her first ceramic design collection.

Arianna de Luca

Her works have been exhibited at various design events, including Salone del Mobile in Milan and Maison et Objet in France. This year, her work will feature at the Venice Design Biennial, bringing a splash of vibrancy to the forefront.

Her collections are inspired by her passion for Mediterranean landscapes and traditions and are characterised by their authenticity and originality. Beyond their apparent simplicity, Arianna’s pieces are the result of a complex process that mixes personal narratives and emotional approaches to create a unique aesthetic characterised by cheerful designs, bold shapes, and vibrant Mediterranean colours.


Elisa Ossino Studio 

Elisa Ossino Studio comprises a team of creatives with varied backgrounds, united under the visionary leadership of Elisa Ossino, a native Italian architect and interior designer. This year, it will exhibit works at the Venice Design Biennial.

Elisa Ossino Studio

With expertise spanning residential and retail interiors, product design, set design, and art direction, its focus is on blending geometrical abstraction, monochromes, and elements of metaphysical and surrealist aesthetics to create unique spaces. The goal of these spaces? To explore the relationship between light, objects, and the surrounding environment.

The studio’s projects balance lightness and intensity, merging contradictory concepts with a meticulous focus on composition and the spatial relationship between objects to create meaning. Elisa Ossino studio collaborates with renowned brands to artfully convey their unique identities and weave captivating narratives through visual interior design spaces that resonate with their audiences.


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