Best social design projects 2023

The best social design projects honored at the Design Educates Awards 2023 respond to social and environmental contexts and offer high educational value

Social Design Design Educates Awards 2023
Photo: Studio Other Spaces

The Design Educates Awards, which recognize the best social design projects each year, have just announced the winners of the 2023 edition. Social and environmental projects designed to make innovative changes in people’s lives while respecting the Planet.

The role of social design as a solution to today’s problems

In recent decades, design has become a catalyst for educational ideas aimed to solve emerging social or environmental problems. The Design Educates Awards, therefore, recognize sustainable projects that can improve our habits and our future. These projects are not only aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced but also highly educational as they are designed to improve people’s quality of life and have a long-term positive impact on the Planet.

Social Design Design Educates Awards 2023
Photo: DiFOLD

Design Educates Awards 2023: categories and jury

Every year, the Design Educates Awards recognize the best social design projects of the year. This year’s jury was joined by Toyo Itō, Anna Herringer, Masayo Ave, Joyce Hwang, Achim Menges, Lucy McRae, Julie Payette, David Basulto, Han Wenqiang, and Peter Kuczia. Entries were evaluated based on the following criteria: overall idea, potential for educational influence, effectiveness and quality of the informative layer, aesthetics, quality of presentation, visionary approach, originality, feasibility, and comprehensiveness.

Social Design Design Educates Awards 2023
Photo: Canberra Design Lab

Awards ceremony

The awards ceremony of the Design Educates Awards 2023 will be held during the Architecture in Foyer 2023 worldwide conference at the Solarlux Campus (Germany) on September 28-29, 2023. Participation is free and registration is required. A series of workshops and lectures with distinguished architects and internationally renowned designers will also be held during the two-day event.

In addition to attending the conference, winners have the opportunity to introduce their projects to leading architects and designers. Moreover, they will also be featured in the Design Educates Awards book. Along with the best social design projects for 2023, this book contains reflections on design, education, and innovation.

Lastly, winners also receive a certificate proving their project’s uniqueness as well as a gift certificate from v2com newswire, the world-renowned media network publishing architecture and design projects.

Social Design Design Educates Awards 2023
Photo: On Architects Inc.

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