Pyxis, the new system of ultra-thin shower walls from Samo

Samo presents Pyxis, the new shower wall system with almost invisible profiles and unparalleled strength

Pyxis, shower wall system by Samo

In line with increasingly minimalist furniture trends, Samo presents Pyxis, a new shower wall system with thin profiles and unbeatable strength. Pyxis is, in fact, the ideal solution for those who want almost invisible profiles, without sacrificing the strength and solidity typical of traditional showers.

Pyxis: the features

The structural lightness of Pyxis, Samo’s new shower wall system, is ensured by the 15 mm aluminum profiles, the thinnest available on the market. Also winning in terms of customization are the 6 different profile colors available: metallic pink, matte black and white, brushed nickel and bronze, chrome. There also 6 digital prints to allow you to personalize the tempered glass sheets with refined decorations, textures or images.

Pyxis sistema parete doccia samo

True to the innovation and design versatility that have always characterized the company, Pyxis is also available in both pivoting and sliding versions with UV bonding bearings, also for corner and niche configurations. To accommodate every functional and aesthetic need, the clean and essential design is complemented by UV bonding hinges, for a sophisticated look that does not require screws, and the closure with concealed magnetic profiles.

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