Luce&Light illuminates Jakob Rope Systems

Luce&Light illuminates the headquarters of Jakob Rope Systems, a famous Swiss company that produces metal nets, fences and ropes, with branches around the world

Jakob Rope Systems, founded in 1904 in Trubschachen, Switzerland, is an internationally known manufacturer of metal nets, fences and ropes with numerous branches around the world. The renovation of the main headquarters in Switzerland, entrusted to architectural firm rollimarchini, aimed to merge several buildings into a single body and better organize the development and production areas. The peculiarity of this project is the facade of the building, wrapped in a weave of metal ropes thar at night are illuminated by Luce&Light luminaries.

Jakob Rope Systems has chosen Luce&Light

Light, in fact, plays a key role in the success of this project. At sunset, the facade is visible only through the reflections of the metal ropes, illuminated by Luce&Light’s LYSS 1.0 7W 3000K systems. With the correct positioning of the projectors between the levels of the ropes and with the 10°x180° optics, it was possible to create a blade-of-light effect directed directly onto the steel rods, from top to bottom, for greater respect of the surrounding rural environment. Moreover, the light distribution curve made it possible to maximize the distances between the luminaires.

To achieve the desired result, it was necessary to position the projectors directly on the horizontal poles of the metal structure supporting the cables. rollimarchini’s technicians worked with Luce&Light’s technical department to design and then produce a custom bracket with a curved surface to attach the fixtures to the metal frame. The result is an innovative facade, enveloped by lights, reflections and metal weaves.

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