Ariostea surfaces at Villa Brè, Lugano

Ariostea floors and surfaces embellish the interiors of Villa Brè, a private residence in the green heart of Lugano

pavimenti superfici Ariostea

Villa Brè is a private residence in the green heart of Lugano, Switzerland, overlooking Lake Ceresio. The project of the villa posed multiple challenges, including the complex logistics arising from its position and the achievement of a high energy efficiency certification in line with Swiss Minergie standards. Hence, multiple technical solutions were adopted, including foundation works, anti-radon protection, large-slab cladding also for the ceiling; full automation of the various existing systems; and the construction of the glass swimming pool, which has also won international awards.

pavimenti superfici Ariostea

The choice of each material was dictated not only by their aesthetics but also by their performance. For this reason, floor and wall tiles are from Ariostea, an Iris Ceramica brand specializing in the production of high-tech porcelain stoneware surfaces, created exclusively from selected natural raw materials, processed in zero-emission factories. The company, which combines innovation and quality, offers technical ceramic solutions that are at the top of the industry in terms of strength and durability.

High-tech slabs by Ariostea at Villa Brè

Ariostea’s designs at Villa Brè are numerous and all capable of defining any environment with elegance and personality. Rovere Briccola, used for the fitness area and spa floor, recalls natural wood to the touch and sight, creating a pleasant feeling of warmth and comfort. Eramosa Brown, used on the walls and seats of the hammam in the spa, creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Its dark brown hue blends perfectly with the soft light of the room, offering a feeling of relaxation and well-being.


The Onice Bianco used to clad the bathroom creates a bright and clean atmosphere. Its delicate texture of white and gray shades lends elegance and sophistication to the bathroom. On the other hand, Calacatta Lincoln covering one of the bathrooms and its door adds a luxurious touch to the room. Its sumptuous white and gray colors create a perfect contrast to the warm light of the lamps.


On the kitchen countertops and table, Green Onyx Vein Cut brings the essence of nature into the interior. Its dark green hues blend perfectly with the modern kitchen décor, creating a feeling of freshness and vitality. Lastly, Grey Onyx Vein Cut, used to cover the fireplace, lends a sense of mystery and charm to the room. Its texture made of gray hues blends perfectly with the fire, creating a warm and enveloping atmosphere.

A successful project

Lugano’s Villa Brè project is a successful project precisely because of the attention paid to details and the choice of high-quality materials. The challenge of creating a unique and precious living space was overcome through the use of cutting-edge technologies and innovative technical solutions. The careful selection of materials, such as Ariostea floors and surfaces, made it possible to create an intimate, cozy and luxurious atmosphere capable of conveying feelings of well-being and absolute relaxation.

Photo: Ezio Prandini

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