Sixty, the new faucet collection by Ceadesign

CEADESIGN presents SIXTY, the new collection of faucets and bathroom accessories in collaboration with Glenn Sestig

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SIXTY is the new faucet collection designed by Belgian architect Glenn Sestig for CEADESIGN. Inspired by an archetypal shape, SIXTY is the result of the combination of the highest technological standards and the absolute stylistic refinement of its designer. Complemented by bathroom accessories, designed by Sestig as well, the SIXTY faucet collection is made entirely of stainless steel in the exclusive Black Ivory satin finish. This color perfectly harmonizes with the materiality and tones of Travertine Titanium Marble of the mirror and the monolithic washbasin designed by Glenn Sestig.


CEADESIGN was founded in 1984 by a husband-and-wife team: Natalino Malasorti, a far-sighted visionary entrepreneur, artistic director, designer and technician for CEA products, and Roberta Bertacco, a manager responsible for the commercial growth of the company and the brand. The company has established itself in the field of bathroom design and technological development starting from the plumbing and heating sector up to the production of design tapware for the residential sector. The company’s evolution is based on the culture of steel, a material for which CEADESIGN is the most representative brand on the international level.

rubinetteria CEADESIGN

AISI 316L steel: a recyclable, high-performing and ecofriendly material

From Made in Italy products to global distribution, CEADESIGN collections embrace a vast range of products for bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor environments and ventilation. Each product is forged with skill and foresight in AISI 316L stainless steel, a material that is 100% recyclable and high-performing being long-lasting, particularly hygienic and resistant to external agents. AISI 316L is the result of a process of mechanical precision with low environmental impact and respectful use of natural resources.

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rubinetteria CEADESIGN

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